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10 Celebrity Photoshop Fails You Dont Want To Miss!

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at 2015.12.18
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In todays world of digital photography, post-processing images using tools such as Adobe Photoshop is a normal part of the photographic process in the same way that processing photographs in a darkroom used to be the standard for film photography. However, some photoshop editors either dont quite have their skills down or have made some horrible editing blunders. In this article, we take a look at 10 celebrity photoshop fails that should have been caught before they went to press.

1. Britney Spears

In 2010, Britney Spears took part in a photo shoot for the US-based fashion firm Candies ad campaign. To highlight the tricks of the trade and to bring to light the pressure women are often under to have the perfect look, Spears allowed the before and after images to be shared with the world showing what beautiful women look like before being airbrushed.

Showing these before and after images side-by-side makes it very easy to see exactly what changes the photo editors made. Britneys overall skin tone has been adjusted to be a little more even and slightly darker to show a tan, and her waist has been made smaller.

You can also see that her thighs and calves have been thinned. In the second shot, you can see that her tattoo has been removed and her rear-end has been given a lift. Any sign of cellulite has also been removed.

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