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10 Of The Worlds Best Photobombs

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at 2015.12.05
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Photobombing or the act of placing yourself in the frame of a photo that is just about to be taken (either purposefully or accidentally) has been gaining in popularity. Weve scoured the web and collected the worlds 10 best photobombs for your viewing pleasure.

Dogs are able to understand around 250 words and gestures, they can count up to five and they can even perform a few simple mathematical calculations! They are considered to have the intelligence of a two-year old kid! One of their mind blowing abilities is that when they are drinking water, they do it by transforming the back of their tongue into a mini cup! Now we can also add to the list of skills above, their ability to photobomb pictures at the right moment, choosing the right facial expression from their library of 250 gestures!

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