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11 Weirdest Spa Treatments

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Going to the spa is considered the height of luxury and relaxation, but some of the treatments here dont seem particularly relaxing. Others are just gross. Yet again, we see that people are willing to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to look young and beautiful, even if theres no scientific evidence that, say, smearing bird poop on your face is going to get rid of wrinkles. But why not try? With most of the treatments listed here, perhaps the greatest benefit is psychologicalthe belief that youre doing something good for your appearance and your health, which in itself is beneficial.

What follows are the most inexplicable and weirdest spa treatments that weve come across. How far would you go to make yourself look and feel young?

1. Leech Therapy

The ancient Greeks were among the first to use leeches in medicine. This practice continued into the nineteenth-century in Europe, as doctors continued to be influenced by humoral theory and believed that sickness was caused by excess blood in the body (leeches, of course, suck blood). As medical knowledge advanced, hirudotherapythe use of the Hirudo medicinalis leech in medicinefell out of practice, but it underwent a comeback in the 1970s when doctors realized that leeches could be useful in treating graft rejection and postoperative venous congestion after plastic and reconstructive surgery. Today, you can go to the Center for Health and Healing, affiliated with the Department of Integrative Medicine, Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City, and spend $600 for an hour of these little guys sucking your blood.

But NYC isnt the only place where leech therapy is done. For example, the Elemental Embrace Wellness Retreat in Ontario also offers leech treatment. According to Begum Teja, owner of the center, Its amazing how these blood leeches can be of great use and they always seem to know where to suck the toxic blood from. This is where the medicinal value of leeches starts crossing the line from science into pseudo-science.

The word toxin, while valid as a medical-scientific term, is extremely overused and is often used to describe anything perceived to cause ill-health, like refined sugar. If celebrities like Demi Moore claim that leech treatment makes them feel better, more power to them! But lets not get it confused with evidence-based medical treatment.

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