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12 Of The Most Exotic Tattoos!

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at 2015.12.04
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Rick Genest- Zombie Boy

Tattoos are not just for the general public since many celebrities also choose to express themselves through ink. In the case of Rick Genest also known as Zombie Boy, his fame came as a result of his tattoos. Diagnosed with a brain tumor early in life, Genest contemplated the meaning of life and death and chose to live on the edge of society for a while. Sometime during this period of his life he decided to get his entire body tattooed as a skeleton.

In 2006 he was introduced to the world on BMEs ModBlog and then received progressively more exposure eventually being picked up by the mainstream media and getting TV and movie roles. Genests tattoos are unbelievably real! The design he chose, which made him look like a living skeleton, makes him appear more like he came from one of Tim Burtons movies.

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