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12 Of The Most Exotic Tattoos!

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at 2015.12.07
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Whether it is a koi or an eagle, colored or black, large or quite small, tattoo has always been considered a form of art on the body. It is where the indelible ink will be injected in the epidermis to create a new pigment in the skin.

Even before, tattooing has always been practiced in most cultures around the globe. It is a form of ritual and traditions, wherein people would be marked with symbols in some parts of their body that would best describe their skills and superiority.

If it was so meaningful to them, tattoo became one of the peoples needs to enhance the way they look in the modern world of today. Others may be contented wearing shining necklaces and dazzling rings to beautify themselves more.

However, there are some who would rather decorate themselves in a more exotic way by inking their skin with memorable names, dates and other icons allowing them to express themselves more. In getting a tattoo, your choice of design lies within you, and limits arent really considered. Thats why in choosing a design, you must consider that tattoos are one of the few things that will last forever. Literally. Here we take a look at some of the most exotic tattoos on the planet.

Star Wars Yoda

This guy here might want to express how much he admires the Star Wars series by inking the Jedi Master Yoda on his upper back. Rather than choosing the traditional green like the characters original looks in the movie, he has chosen a more imaginative way to paint the lightsaber with glow in the dark indelible ink.

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