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15-Year-Olds Homemade Haunted House For Charity Pisses Off Angry Neighbors (VIDEO)

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When Sam DuBois was 11 he visited a nearby citys haunted house. Sam decided he could do the same thing at his moms house in Albany,California. Each year since, hes worked on building it bigger and better, with critters and creatures and people winding their way through the familys backyard. Sams mom, Holly, has watched as he learned all sorts of carpentry and electrical skills, not to mention design and art. He even created his own masks.

Each year the haunted house asks for donations at the entrance, but no one is turned away for an inability to pay. All proceeds go to benefit the Alameda County Food Bank. So far, thanks to Sam, the donations have provided 2,500 meals for people in need.

But construction of the Halloween adventure was stopped, all thanks to a lawsuit by an angry neighbor who says hes worried the haunted house will get even bigger and draw in more and more traffic.

Its growing every year, so what happens next year? angry neighbor Gary Kratkin said to KQED. We decided this time to at least bring the city into it and go through the legal process. You cant just build anything.

Another neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous said she was threatened after filing complaints against the house. She doesnt like looking at the structure and she thinks DuBois is too noisy when hes working to construct it during the day. She also expressed concerns that the displays content was too scary for her young children.

Sam took steps to ensure there were no complicationswith his construction plans this year. He consulted Albanys Fire Marshal, who approved the plans. However, the neighbors anonymous complaint tipped off Albany City Planner Anne Hersch, who told Sam he needed a temporary use permit, as well.

The City of Albany is set to vote on the measure this week. Heres hoping Sam can keep up his good work.

Check out this interview Sam did with Youth Radio a few years ago talking about his project:

Featured image courtesy of screen capture.

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