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18 Actors Who Fell In Love On Set

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at 2016.05.08
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For actors, kissing their co-stars on set is just part of the job however, it isn’t uncommon for these romances to continue once the cameras are off.

When we see them in the films it’s hard to believe that such steamy on-screen couples have no attraction to one another so, we are delighted to learn that occasionally these fictional love affairs blossom into real-life relationships.

For some of the following couples it was just a passionate fling but, for others it was the start of a life-long partnership.

Find out which of your favourite actors and actresses fell in love on set in the gallery below.

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams: The Notebook


The two co-stars fell in love on set in 2004, but things weren’t always such smooth sailing – a lot like the characters they played. According to the film’s director Nick Cassavetes, Gosling and McAdams had a tumultuous relationship on set.

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