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22 Terrible Celebrity Tattoos Worse Than Ben Affleck’s

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at 2016.05.15
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Ben Affleck debuted his rising phoenix tattoo back in December, yet people can’t stop talking about it – including two of his hot, famous exes.

The paparazzi recently caught a post-divorce Ben Affleck tramping around Los Angeles on the set of Live by Night, where the rising phoenix was displayed in all its glory in an open back hospital gown.

Affleck’s soon to be ex-wife Jennifer Garner denied any responsibility for inspiring the tattoo, and ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez straight up called the tattoo “awful” on Watch What Happens Live.

We must say, we can see why the ladies aren’t too fond of the enormous, colourful tattoo crying out from the tops of his lats and rising from the ashes above his gluteus quite maximus.


However, Affleck isn’t the first celebrity to shock us with an arguably awful tattoo.

In fact, we didn’t have any problems comprising a list of the worst tattoos to permanently hit the skin of celebrities in Hollywood.

See the proof of these awful tats Next.

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