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24 Rare Images Of Forgotten Underground Worlds You Wont Believe Exist

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at 2015.12.23
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In an world full of wonders, its easy to forget what lies beneath the surface of the earth.

But while tales of forgotten underground worlds may sound like myth, these incredible pictures show the reality of the subterranean realms the human race have left to rot.

From abandoned salt mines in Russia to secret cities in Beijing, here are the strangest and most awe-inspiring underground wonders of the world.

1. Abandoned ore mine in Ural mountains, Russia

Eerie and desolate, the abandoned ore mines in the Ural mountains of Russia were active during World War Two, when most of Soviet mining was moved to the region.

Purpose built for the needs of the army, the mine was shut down after the end of the war.




(source: EnglishRussia)


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