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25 Days Of Creepy Christmas, Day 15: The Strangest Xmas TV Specials Ever Aired

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at 2016.11.28
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Welcome to our first annual ViralNova Presents: 25 Days Of Creepy Christmas special section! Every day, from December 1st to December 25th, we”re posting a new Christmas themed article guaranteed to get you in the creepy holiday spirit.

It”s that time of year again. Now, you can get all nostalgic and watch your favorite Christmas specials with family and friends. There have been so many great TV holiday specials since the the invention of the TV, and since now most of them are probably available on YouTube or streaming on Netflix, it”s hard to choose which one to watch on the big night. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Frosty the Snowman? The Muppet Christmas Carol? Mickey”s Christmas Carol?

One things for sure, not all Christmas specials deserve to be watched around the holiday. In fact, they are so awful, they”d get coal in their stockings. Here are some of the weirdest, most awful Christmas specials ever seen on the small screen.

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

<i>The Star Wars Holiday Special</i> (1978)

It has been said that even George Lucas wanted to hunt down the all of the copies of this monstrosity and throw them into a sarlacc pit. The film follows Chewbacca and his Star Wars friends as they help him get back to his home planet in time for the wookie holiday of “Life Day”. Always great when the lead character has a face where it”s virtually indiscernible what he”s feeling at any given time.

Nick & Jessica”s Family Christmas (2004)

<i>Nick & Jessica

If you don”t remember these two, the one of the right is famous for being in the band 98 Degrees. The one on the left is famous for being his wife (but was also an actress/singer/songwriter on the side). They were a very popular couple in 2004 for some strange reason. Unfortunately, their special was terrible and The Newlyweds later divorced.

Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis in a Christmas Dream (1984)

<i>Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis in a Christmas Dream</i> (1984)

Webster and Mr. T together at last! At one point in this film, Mr. T recites the most intense version of the birth of Jesus Christ ever told from memory.

Alf”s Special Christmas (1987)


Alf is a fun little guy, so presumably spending time with him at the holidays should be laugh! Unfortunately, his holiday special is a little on the dark side. In this movie, Alf hangs out with a terminally ill child, helps in the birth of a human baby and prevents a man from committing suicide. A heavy hour for a show that usually involves keeping Alf away from eating the cat.

Christmas Comes to Pac Land (1982)

<i>Christmas Comes to Pac Land</i> (1982)

First things first: this widely successful video game franchise has absolutely no narrative. So, it makes sense that the holiday cartoon based on the video is the opposite of compelling. At one point, Santa”s reindeer eat one of those power pellets, but otherwise it”s just a slog of dialog from characters that you”d rather not have to listen to.

Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa (1985)

<i>Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa</i> (1985)

The guy that sang “Moon River” like three times helps Punky Brewster and some of the Cosby kids find Santa. Singing ensues. It is unclear if the kids live in Andy Williams” attic or not.

I suppose it”s about who you”re with this holiday season and not what you are watching. However, if any family or friends want to watch the Nick & Jessica Christmas special, you may want to opt to just stay home and watch a Rudolph movie by yourself.

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