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4 Creepiest Places Thrill-Seekers Should Visit in Japan

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at 2015.12.13
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Japan is a wonderland many people love or would love o visit. Aside from the fun and excitement their Disneyland has to offer, the climate, rich culture, castles, and temples are sure worth the travel.

What others dont know is that this country also has some extremely eerie places that can satisfy an adventurous soul.

These are the four creepiest places in Japan suspense/horror fans might want to check out. The third one gave me the chills!

#1. Hashima Island


Photo credit: Japan Info

Hashima island, otherwise known as Gunkanjima, is approximately 15km away from Nagasaki city. It is a abandoned battleship island that was established in 1887 and was originally a coal mine.


Photo credit: Inquisitr

It was shut down when petroleum replaced coal in the country in the 60s and the residents were forced to evacuate the island. Since then, it became just another scary spot in Japans map.

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