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6 Body Modifications You Wont Believe!

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at 2015.12.03
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2. Maria Jose Cristerna, aka Vampire Woman

When you look at Maria Jose Cristerna, sometimes known as Vampire Woman, former legal assistant and mother of four probably arent the first things that come to mind. Cristerna was raised in a Catholic, conservative Mexican family. After escaping an abusive marriage, she got a job at a local court, and then opened her own tattoo shop. In addition to Vampire Woman, Cristerna sometimes calls herself a demon woman and claims to be impersonating Lilith, Adams first wife and equal. Cristernas body is 98% covered in tattoos. She has titanium horns inserted under the skin above her temples, fanged teeth, and a split tongue. Almost no part of her body remains untouched by the tattoo gun or piercing needle.

Unlike some others, Cristerna is not attempting, through her modifications, to even slightly emulate culturally sanctioned standards of beauty. Although she claims that for her, its beautiful to be this way, so thats why I do it, her idea of beautiful is far from that of the mainstream.

According to Ferrari, her tattoos, piercings, metal horns, and Teflon chest and arm implants are a source of strength and creativity. Modifying her body has been a way of overcoming the abuse she suffered in her marriage. As she says, Everyone is modified by things such as pregnancy, aging, and losing teeth. While these are natural, and in the case of aging and tooth loss, all but unavoidable processes, Cristerna makes a fair point.

What makes her choice of body modifications so different from the many other body changes people undergo, voluntarily or not, throughout the life-course?

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