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6 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong!

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Many, many celebrities—actresses, singers, TV personalities, and what have you, get plastic surgery and other work done on their faces and bodies. Sometimes it’s clear that a certain celebrity has gone under the knife, but the results are subtle enough—or even, if it can be said, are an improvement—that it’s hard to fault them for it (e.g. Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansen’s noses). Some, like Heidi Montag, don’t hide their surgeries at all. The results look unnatural, but it’s intentional. And then there are some celebrities, such as a few that appear on this list, whose surgery decisions are completely inexplicable. Behold, the top 6 worst celebrity plastic surgeries of all time.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite, became famous after marrying the French billionaire Alec Wildenstein. Today she is known as the “Queen of the Jungle” (not in a good way), the butt of countless jokes and cruel media attention. Type “bad plastic surgery” into your search engine, and she’ll top the results.

Why did Wildenstein, a Swiss woman born with natural good looks (see picture below), decide to ruin her face the way she has? Sources say it all started when her marriage to Alec began to crumble. Alec was a fan of big cats, and Mrs. Wildenstein thought it would please him to make herself look more like one. Fast forward a few decades… and, well, the picture says it all.


Wildenstein has literally spent millions of dollars (estimates are greater than $4 million at this point in time) on her many surgeries. She believes that she looks beautiful but you be the judge. Her story is a lesson about the dangers of self-loathing.

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