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6 Celebs Who Lost Dramatic Weight From Surgery!

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at 2015.12.02
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We all know that in the celebrity world appearance is the ultimate priority. A great deal of money goes to keeping these stars in prime shape to look their best, whenever in front of the camera or in the public eye. Having what is considered too much weight is just not an option. In a lot of cases neither is dieting. So it comes down to the quickest alternative to use to keep the weight off which is weight loss surgery. For some it proves to be more of a success than for others. So who in the celeb world stands out as having lost the most weight from their surgical intervention?

1. Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson from American Idol caused quite a stir with his weight loss way back in 2004, with a loss of over 100 pounds. He had gotten himself up to about 350 pounds so evidently it was time for a radical change. He had actually been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001, and this is what got the wheels turning that he needed to make some changes.

In 2003 he went through gastric bypass surgery. Back in 2008 he told WebMD about his 9 top secrets for his weight loss. So it is evident that while the surgery played a major role in his success that there were plenty of other resources in Randys weight loss arsenal.

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