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7 Men With Only Half a Head!

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at 2015.12.05
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As human beings, one way we tend to recognize each other is by the shape of our heads. Heads come in various shapes and sizes from very round to very long or even cone-headed. In rare cases someone has an accident or a disease resulting in surgery that changes the shape of their skull. Weve picked these 7 amazing people who have uniquely shaped heads as a result of an accident or surgery.

1. Elvis Romeo Lingurar

Elvis Romeo Lingurar a 24 year old man from Livada, Romania smashed his head on a concrete floor after losing his balance and falling six feet while working on a demolition site. Lingurar was admitted to the hospital and stayed in a coma for several days while doctors tried to save his life. After a blood clot formed on his brain, he underwent surgery where unfortunately, half his skull was removed.

Miraculously, Lingurar recovered from his injuries but he was unable to return to work as the only thing covering his head was a thin layer of skin and the slightest knock to his head could have injured his brain. Without a job, Lingurar resorted to begging on the streets where he was discovered by Alex Prunean, a local journalist who brought Lingurars plight to light. Lingurars story inspired well-wishers from around the world who sent in money to help. One year following the injury, he was finally able to pay for the 791 reconstructive procedure. Following the surgery he looks almost like he did prior to the accident and he says that he is extremely grateful for those who came to his aid.

I feel much better now, I thank God for the second chance he has given to me. I also want to thank all the people for their help, and not to forget the doctors for their help for this surgery, he said. The images show Lingurar following the accident as well as after reconstructive surgery.

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