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7 Of The Worlds Most Lavish RVs

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at 2015.12.08
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RV stands for recreational vehicles. The two main types of RVs are motor-homes and trailers, the difference between them being that trailers attach to the back of a car or truck and do not contain their own engine. RV camps (aka trailer parks) are not generally considered the fanciest places on earth, but many RVs are actually nicer, just as large or larger, and more expensive than some homes. Behold, a list of some of the snazziest, fanciest, innovative most lavish RVs ever.

1. Vario Perfect Platinum

VARIOmobil is a German maker of luxury RVs. Judging by their (weirdly crappy) website, all of their RVs are pretty swanky, but the VARIO Perfect Platinum might be the nicest. As the picture, below, shows, you can fit a small car in the back of it.

It comes with leather-upholstered seating and a dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, two LCD-screen TVs, a king-sized bed, and rain shower. Best of all, the interior is made of cherry wood, for a beautiful touch. VARIOmobils website doesnt list the cost of the VARIO PP, but lets put it this way: theres no way it doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

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