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8 Awesome Uses For Drones That Dont Involve Killing Or Spying On Innocent People (VIDEOS)

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We thought drones were only good for evil government plots, until we discovered these eight amazing things only drones can do!

You wont believe these 8 amazing uses for drones.

8. Speedy delivery. Snowed in? No problem. Next time youve got a beer emergency, call the folks at 1-800-MY-DRONE. But seriously, the folks at Lakemaid Beer in Wisconsin may be on to something!

7. Thwarting the censors. This drone footage via The Wall Street Journal shows the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are far more immense than Chinas repressive central government in Beijing would have us believe.

6. Finding missing persons. Two weeks after the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, WTVR reports state authorities have unleashed the drones in hope of finding Graham faster.

5. Reinventing the movie industry. After years of film geeks and hobbyists fiddling around with drone photography, the lush aerial views drones capture are finally ready for prime time. Filmmaker Randy Scott Slavin tells Business Insider:

I think drones are the most amazing innovation the cinema has seen since probably the steady cam.

4. Giving CGI a run for the money. Tired of cheesy, overblown CGI effects? Enjoy this magically beautiful video production from Cirque Du Soleil (in a partnership with ETH Zurich, and Verity Studios) starring dancing lampshades … and nary a computer generated image to be found.

3. Remote whale watching! Now you can go whale watching from the convenience of your land-locked home, thanks to remote drone whale cams. Grind TV reports Captain Frank Brennan from Dana Wharf Whale Watch in California launched a drone to capture rare footage of an endangered fin whale.

2. Bomb removal. Ryan Baker from Arch Aerial LLC in Houston, Texas has launched a kick starter campaign to develop a specialized drone to locate and remove land mines from Laos once and for all. We scattered these bombs all over the place during the Vietnam War, many of them still explode when people and animals stumble upon them. These LiDAR-capable drones can do the job, and nobody gets hurt.

1. Protecting endangered wild life. CBS reports Namibia and other African nations use drones to track endangered wildlife and protect animals from the constant threat of poachers. These drones are small and unobtrusive enough to do their job without disturbing their habitats… except for the occasional raptor that think drones look like tasty snacks.
The following video from New Scientist shows how this works.

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