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A 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls Past Life, Locates His Body and Identifies The Man Who Murdered Him.

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at 2016.01.30
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Have you experienced something oddly familiar like youve been somewhere or done something before but you couldnt quite figure out if its real or not? I guess we all had that weird moment, a very unexplainable one when all we had to say was deja vu. Some beliefs conclude that it has something to do with our past lives or the so-called reincarnation. While we cant really prove the truth behind it, this story somehow does.

The truth came out when a three-year-old boy started telling weird stories and talking about his past life. His parents didnt take it seriously at first. Being adults, we usually pretend that we believe them since we know how children are, they act strange sometimes talking alone and making imaginary friends.

It gotten more bizarre though when the kid led them to the spot where he said he was buried after being murdered. This is the part when no matter how impossible kids can be, we believe and give in to them just like what these parents did and so they began to dig.


After digging, they had the biggest shock of their lives when they indeed found a human corpse. The child then told them that he was murdered using an ax and also led them to the spot where the murder weapon was buried, sure enough the villagers found it.

Another creepy thing is that the boy has a red birthmark on his forehead where he claims he was hit by an ax. More secrets were revealed when he told the villagers about his previous name, where he lived and who murdered him. The boy even confronted his murderer until the latter gave in and admitted to the crime he committed.

Watch the strange video:

This seems to be a really good find and only reinforces the belief that there is something beyond our existence. True or not, I still find this story creepy. How about you? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

H/T: Strange Mysteries, Epoch Times

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