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A Panda-Themed Hotel? Shut Up and Take My Money!

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at 2016.02.05
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I love themed hotels! Its a nicer alternative to staying at generic hotel rooms. Ive stayed at rooms with themes that go from Star Wars to Roman baths. Ive thought Ive seen everything when it comes to themed rooms…and then I see this on the internet. A PANDA HOTEL. Theres panda stuff everywhere on beds, tables, and chairs. Hotel staff gets to wear panda costumes and walk around looking so hug-worthy.

I scrolled through the pictures and man, its just cuteness overload! Check out these pics of The Haoduo Panda Hotel in Chinas Sichuan province.

An employee takes his panda mask off and poses for pictures. Behind him, pandas on the Titanic.


Photo credit: Time
Sailormoon pandas on the wall!


Photo credit: Time
Room rates include panda hugs.


Photo credit: Fotofakty
Pandas everywhere… on the bed, walls, and side tables.


Photo credit: Fotofakty

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