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A Simple Experiment Exposes The Simple, Dangerous Truth About Cell Phone Batteries

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at 2016.10.08
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Lithium-polymer batteries are nowadays. Because of their small-size and big storage possible, you are able to frequently discover these batteries inside notebooks, pills, and many smartphones.

These batteries are secure for that many partunless they”regarding pierced. Irrespective of evoking the battery puncturing a lithium-polymer battery will make it increase, such as the one within the movie below.

(supply Fabio Gomes)

Before anyone stress and toss your electronics absent, it”s very important to keep in mind that the man within the movie above is clearly attempting to hole the battery. These incidences seldom occur accidentally.

The battery inside your phone is generally guarded from the telephone”s housing. This really is to ensure that if it”utes unintentionally fallen, number explosions may happen. Nevertheless, in the event that you”re-feeling especially weird (like myself), you might purchase a heavy duty situation.

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