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After Praising Right-Wing Radio Show Host In Private, Trump Bashes Him In Public (TWEETS)

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at 2015.12.12
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Donald Trump is soaring high and appears untouchable. His thought-terminating rhetoric has managed to capture the hearts and minds of several generations of white supremacists, and the fact that the Teabagging Juggernaut seems to feel unstoppable now makes sense.

This is why Trump feels so confident taking on right-wing talking heads; first it was Megyn Santa is white Kelly, and now, its conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt.

Trump on Foreign Policy: A Kurd has something to do with cheese.

The most coherent of Trumps foreign policy ideas has been spending billions of dollars to build a wall along the Mexican border, as theres no way that money would be better served going back into our crumbling infrastructure.

In fact, thats probably the only coherent point in Trumps whole campaign.

Thus, its no surprise that Trump fumbled several foreign policy questions about the Middle East during a Thursday interview with right-wing talking head Hugh Hewitt. During that interview, Trump mixed up Iraqs special Quds force with the Kurdish ethnic group. He was also unable to name the leaders of key world terror organizations.

Of course, Hewitt probably didnt intend to make Trump look stupid why should Hewitt get all the credit? but that didnt stop Trump from accusing Hewitt of asking gotcha questions and dismissing questions about ISIL as inappropriate. Trump would also call Hewitt a third-rate radio announcer on MSNBCs Morning Joe.

In short, the whole exchange is a typical Trump exchange with one exception: Before Trump was slamming Hewitt in public, Trump was praising Hewitt in private.

A Great Honor

Despite Trumps attacks, Hewitt still rushed to Trumps defense during a Friday CNN appearance, noting that Trump did very well throughout most of the interview.

He continued, telling CNNs Brianna Keilar:

Im not trying to catch anyone out on the names. I get confused on the names.

As a way to show thanks, Trump took to Twitter and slammed Hewitt in several tweets:


Which, of course, prompted a reply from Hewitts radio show, which posted a handwritten letter by Donald Trump calling it a great honor to appear on Hewitts program:


Donald Trump, a two-faced liar? Say it aint so hell fit right in with the backbiting vipers nest of right-wing Christians he caters to.

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