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Anonymous To Sony Cowards: If You Wont Release The Interview, We Will

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at 2016.01.11
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Sony Pictures may have caved to vague threats made by the hackers calling themselves Guardians Of Peace, but the hacker group Anonymous isnt being cowed. In a series of tweets, Anonymous has announced that they will release the movie for Sony, if Sony cant manage to bring themselves to do it.

Attempting to access the Anonymous Twitter account, @TheAnonMessage, where the tweets were posted displays a notice that the account has been suspended. Fortunately, a number of folks in the online community have shared the text of those tweets. Uproxx has the text of the pertinent ones.

Anonymous began teasing Sony on December 19:

About the @SonyPictures hack by North Korea, well lets just say that Oh hold on, popcorns ready.

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

That tweet was followed by this one:

Okay, for real though. @SonyPictures is a little bitch for giving in so easily. Then again, what do you expect from Sony other than that?

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Anonymous poked at Sony for their cowardice in pulling the film for the rest of the day, even reminding them that Anonymous had hacked Sony long before North Korea did. Then came these tweets:

Why are people asking us to leak the movie?

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Were saving it as a Christmas present for you.. #winkwink

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

A little later, Anonymous let it be known where they stand on the issue.

Were not with either side, we just want to watch the movie too…and soon you too will be joining us. Sorry, @SonyPictures.

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

And finally, these three:

Banning movies only because North Koreas dictator disapproves.

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Whats next, @RedDawnFilm?!

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Operation RIP North Korea, engaged. #OpRIPNK

TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Will Anonymous prod Sony into releasing The Interview? The Guardian reports that Sony is considering releasing the movie on YouTube. In an interview on CNN, Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton says that the company has not caved to the hackers. He tells Fareed Zakaria, We have not given in. And we have not backed down. We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie. Lynton goes on to say that the company is considering several options for releasing the movie to the public.

So, will Sony eventually release The Interview? Or will Anonymous give everyone a Christmas present, as they are hinting? We only have a few days to wait for the answer.

H/T: Uproxx

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