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Another Right Wing Site Claims Michelle Obama Is Really A Man

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at 2016.01.29
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In case you missed it the first time around, the right wing conspiracy website, Mad World News, has revived the claim that was started by Alex Jones and InfoWars last summer that Michelle Obama is actually a man. Or transgender. Or something like that. They dont seem to be too sure.

A somewhat less than brilliant writer named Jan Omega starts her piece by referring to the claim that Barack Obama is gay, and is a member of a Chicago bathhouse. She (he? Thats a somewhat androgynous name you have there, Jan-ster) says that fringe websites have reported the claim before, but so did Western Journalism. So, in the eyes of Ms. Omega (Im going with the notion that Jan is female, just to make things easy on me), that makes the claims more legit. For anyone not familiar, Western Journalism covers the entire political spectrum, from far right to ultra-whackadoodle-nutjobbery right, so Im sure theyre an unbiased source.

Jan laments that the video of the investigation about the presidents sexuality has been deleted, and then offers this bit of journalistic brilliance about the possible reasons for said deletion:

First, the allegations were debunked. Second, the allegations are true and the powers at play did something about it. I am going with the latter, simply because Snopes would have reported said allegations to be fake if they were fake.

Theres a good reason for you. Ms. Omega would certainly make Woodward and Bernstein proud with her crack investigative work. Not on Snopes? OK, must be true. Or, maybe the good folks at Snopes are still rolling around on the floor, laughing so hard that they peed their pants, and they havent had time to post a ruling about this piece of dumb*ssishness.

In the normal world, when someone thinks that something might exist, but they can find no proof of it, that person usually goes, Well, I guess I was wrong, since I cant find any evidence that my belief was correct. But, in the nut job right wing anti-Obama world, absence of evidence means, of course, only one thing: ah-HA! They hid/destroyed the evidence!

The Proof That Michelle Obama Is A Man

OK, are you ready for this? Part of Jans proof that Michelle Obama is actually a man comes from a speech the president gave where he supposedly referred to his wife as Michael. Well, thats it. They certainly have the goods on him now!

Omega does say that perhaps the president was talking about some other Michael. That shouldnt be too hard to figure out, since he was addressing Admiral Mullin, whose first name is. . . Michael. But, in right wing bizzaro-world, a verbal faux pas translates into proof that the president is gay, and Michelle is really Michael. Because, you know, he couldnt have possibly juxtaposed the admirals name with his wifes or anything, could he?

But wait, theres more! Omega references the work of Matthew B. Glosser, writing at Christwire. Omega somehow managed to miss that Christwire is a satire site. New York Magazine outed the site in 2010. But Jan Omega apparently thinks its real. (And it appears that Alex Jones and a few other assorted nut jobs believe that, as well.)

In the 2011 story cited by Omega, Glosser claims that an unnamed former White House staffer told him that Michelle Obama was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson. The story goes on to claim that her father was a union thug and her mother a street prostitute. But what really makes you question whether Jan Omega is playing with a full deck is that the Christwire story that she quotes from extensively features a photo of Michael Robinson, supposedly when he played football for Oregon State.

Michelle Obama is a man?

Courtesy of Christwire.org

That photo, created at the site yearbookyourself.com, is so pathetically bad that it is hard to believe any breathing human being would think that it is real. But, apparently Jan Omega does.

By now youre probably going, Wait. Maybe Jan Omega is writing satire, too? That was my first suspicion. But, the site Real Or Satire? says that Mad World News is real. Theres nothing else available that says that it is satire, nor does it appear to be when you browse the stories on the site.

Absolute Proof That Michelle Obama Is Exactly Who She Says She Is

All of the speculation about Barack Obamas sexuality, and Michelle Obamas gender, can be put to rest very quickly and simply, as I am about to do.

Barack and Michelle Obama live with two teenage girls. Have you ever known a teenager to be able to keep a secret about anything?

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  • pjm19606

    If the Right Wing keeps this up, Americans will believe that Obama is REA::Y the second coming of Christ!

  • Sherri

    sorry pjm but Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney already think they are.

  • Denis Deeborn

    LOL, I love listening to you uber left wing nutcases rant about the entertainment of the so called right wing news because anyone with half a brain knows that (Jan Omega) is nothing more than an entertainment writter who cracks on left wing nutcases who believe anything anti left wing and she often posts mind numbing stupidity to prove, like many of you, that the left truly is gullable and somewhat psychologically deranged to honestly think that anyone holds value to the claim…………lol, you liberals keep me smiling and keep the world of Psychology and the over medicated mentally disturbed going strong :) thank you all……………..Oh Yeah, God Bless

    • Jeff Lachance

      You support police and believe in a sky daddy, your opinion is invalid….

    • Michael Stohler

      Easily the dumbest group of people on the planet. Just look at the comment Jeff Lachance wrote. Its like watching a dog chase its tail.

  • Jeff Lachance

    Lack of evidence doesnt mean either true or false. That would make it inconclusive no?

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  • vieteravet

    Obama thinks hes the second coming of Mohamed! I dont believe shes a man, but her father being a thug and her mother a prostitute, maybe.

  • Reset

    Boy, the author of this article sure does get defensive about this. He took it so personally. Its no secret that Obama is gay and it shouldnt surprise anyone if Michelle is a tranny. If shes not, then she just uses a strap-on dildo to peg Barry Soetoro in the butt when he needs it, like after a long, hard day of attempting to deceive everyone. I mean, hes already down on his knees worshipping Allah and/or satan, he might as well blow someone and get reamed out while hes down there. In this day and age, its okay to be a flaming homosexual like Barry Soetoro, right? So theres no need to get all defensive about his tranny partner.

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