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Babysitter From Duggar Molestation Scandal Reportedly Bringing A Lawsuit Against Former Reality Star

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19 Blows and Counting, Josh Duggar may end up in court

A woman formerly victimized by the oldest Duggar is reportedly suing the former reality star and anti-gay activist in a new twist in the 19 Kids and Counting scandal.

While the statute of limitations have expired for his crimes, the non-family victim is planning on bringing the lawsuit against Josh under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 16-56-130, which allows for victims to take civil action against their abusers for ongoing effects from the abuse.

The report is based on an anonymous source reported by InTouch Weekly, the tabloid that unearthed the police reports for Joshs crimes.

The police reports show that Josh molested four of his sisters and a fifth victim who was a babysitting for the family.

The anonymous source claims that the woman known only as the babysitter is planning on taking Josh to court.

Should Josh go to court he will have to answer some tough questions without the protection of the Fifth Amendment, which protects people from incriminating themselves, because the statute of limitations have run out on his crimes. Joshs parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, will also have to testify without the protection of the Fifth as well.

The lawsuit may prove to be more enlightening than the Duggars Fox News interviews with Megyn Kelly, where they skirted difficult questions and gave vague, practiced answers about why they didnt report Joshs abuse to authorities and if he received actual counseling from a certified therapist. The Duggars would also have to admit what actions they took to cover up their sons crimes, and which elders from their church knew about the abuse and also didnt report it.

While it remains doubtful any of the Duggar sisters would even entertain a thought about bringing a lawsuit against their abusive brother, the babysitter is not under the familys thumb in any way and is free to take actions against her abuser in court.

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  • BastetsMom

    It is highly probable that the babysitter is a member of the same religious group and therefore heavily monitored by her family and their pastor. As far as I understand this version of the religion, women dont have a lot to say about what direction their lives take. So this may be a power struggle kind of thing within the group, probably mostly the men.

    • Smidnite

      Her parents should still be ashamed for not acting sooner.

      • stevie1910

        Providing they knew anything about it.

        • Smidnite

          Im responding to the theory that her family and/or the church kept her quiet.

          • stevie1910

            Well of course if they did know they should be sued also. There is so much about this woman we do not know. Like you I think her parents are part of the cult. And that leads me to wonder the plaintiff has cut ties with the cult. I guess we will just have to wait for the facts to come out.

  • stevie1910

    This is getting pretty interesting. One has to assume that her family is part of that cult. Which leads to the next question has the plaintiff left that perverted cult.

  • dayna

    If they find him guilty in a lawsuit will he have to be on the sexual predators list? That would be awesome since even financially he will never be as hurt as the damage he has done. I hope she sues jim bob and michelle too.

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