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Bonkers In Yonkers: Serial Cat Killer Busted Hanging 25 Remains From Trees (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.22
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Someones gone bonkers in Yonkers.

Rene Carcamo of Yonkers, New York, was arrested Tuesday for putting a dark twist on an old inspirational school poster. It seems hes allegedly helped 25 cats Just hang in there! over the last year, only he killed them and hung them in plastic bags from a tree to do it. Me-yow!

Authorities came across the disturbing remains last April thanks to a public works crew doing annual clean up in a small wooded area off Overlook Terrace, just north of the Bronx. As it turned out, suspect Carcamo lived in that same neighborhood.

Local authorities have been searching for the responsible party since the bodies of the cats had been discovered last spring.

Many animal lovers and supporters chipped in on a reward for the capture of the demented serial kitty killer, including the bass player for Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler, amounting to $25,000. Ozzy may have bitten the head off a dove, but dont mess with Geezers kitties. He loves cats more than the Internet!

According to Westchester Countys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Carcamo was simply charged with illegally disposing of the dead cats; he was not charged with killing the cats, cruelty to animals, or for being a sick f#ck. Apparently, you can kill cats all you want just dont dispose of their corpses by hanging them from trees in large plastic bags. Thats tacky.


Cat Serial Killer (Image courtesy of chippewa.com)

It seems the charge Carcamo does face is merely a result of an environmental infraction, carrying a maximum of one year in jail. And most likely, if youre maximum jail sentence is one year, youll probably be serving far less than that. Maybe youll even only get probation.

Director of enforcement for the SPCA Ernest Lungaro said:

Thats what were able to prove, that he was hanging them.

It seems there is some question as to whether Carcamo actually killed the cats.

Lungaro has not stated whether authorities believed Carcamo was responsible for the murder of the cats, but he did state that tests on three kitties showed conclusive hallmark signs linking the slaughters. Each cat had been hit in the head, and each cat was dead before it was placed in a bag and hung from a tree.

So, it seems there is at least some question as to whether it can be proven that Carcamo killed the cats. After all, how many people just go around scoping out dead cats to scoop up, put in plastic bags and oddly dangle their remains in trees slightly out of the way of common eyesight. And if youre going to find dead cats to remedy the public of their remains, why wouldnt you take them to the local shelter for cremation, or just bury them yourself. Its unlikely one would make a trophy room of dead cats like that unless one actually killed the cats (in this case) himself.

Because Carcamo has not been formally charged with the brutal murder of the 25 cats in question, the $25,000 reward money sits in limbo, uncertain of its destination.

In a strange twist on the peripheries of the case, too, Carcamo was charged with animal cruelty, but not for anything to do with the above. No, he actually had two sick kittens back at home and failed to take them in to a vet for care. When the kittens were later removed from the home by Lungaro, a local vet pronounced them severely neglected. For that, Carcamo received the animal cruelty charges. Five additional cats were also removed from the home at the same time as the kittens. A few of the adult cats also suffered from minor ailments.

Could Carcamo have been sick enough to even raise cats for slaughter? Questions, questions, questions…

As of Tuesdays arraignment for the environmental crime, Carcamo is being held on $5,000 bail. Not much else is known. It is uncertain whether Carcamo has obtained a lawyer, and calls to the local police have not yet been returned.

H/T: chippewa.com / (Featured image courtesy of chippewa.com)

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