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Breaking: Long Island Suspect Beheads Woman, Commits Suicide By Train (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.11
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Farmingdale, N.Y.: According to local news station PIX11, police are currently investigating a suicide following the beheading of a woman in Long Island, NY Tuesday.

The beheading follows in the wake of a beheading in Oklahoma that resulted between co-workers not long ago, as well as a recent threat via an anonymous, ominous note in Rhode Island threatening to behead school children, prompting concerned parents to pull their children from school.

According to local sources, the suspect committed suicide by leaping in front of a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train after the grisly beheading discovered earlier in the day, Tuesday.

Sources say a woman was found beheaded in Farmingdale on Secatogue Ave., not far from the LIRR station.

The beheading has since been confirmed by the Nassau County police department, as has the successful suicide committed by the suspect on the rail tracks nearby.

One rail line, the Ronkonkoma, is currently suspended as a result, though other affiliated lines nearby are running with varying delays.

This story is currently developing and the motive for the attack remains unknown.

Certainly much of America will be curious to know if this latest beheading will be classified as yet another act to be associated with, or classified as, an act of terrorism. Time will tell, as the investigation moves forward.

H/T: pix11.com / (Featured image courtesy of WikiMedia)

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