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15 Most Dangerous Roads Around The

If you’re from a largely populated area, you’ll be safe in knowing that millions of people have travelled on your local roads everyday, so there is no real worry about…


Creepy Christian Fundies Use Meme Comparing

308 SHARES FacebookTwitter GooglePinterestDiggLinkedin Reddit Stumbleupon PrintDeliciousPocketTumblr So much for abstinence only education, this group of Christian Fundamentalists from Quiverfull (made famous by none other than the Duggars) wants girls…


These 21 Underwater Discoveries Are Too

Over 80 per cent of the world is covered in water yet the vast majority of it is completely unexplored. Despite our ancestors traveling mostly by sea- their is much…


33 Photos That Prove Australian Women

Margot Robbie


16 Insane Scientific Predictions That Came

The most impressive predictions usually sound absolutely ridiculous at the time, but eventually come true in the end. Here are 16 insane prognostications that finally rang true years, decades and…


17 Famous Stars Who Were Almost

When we think of Star Wars we think of the actors and actresses who have had iconic roles in the franchise over the years. And there is no denying that…


Take A Look Inside Calvin Harris’

Calvin Harris has just put his Hollywood Hills home on the market for a whopping $9.995 million which means we are finally able to have a snoop around the DJ’s…


20 Strange Addictions Almost No One

Every single person on our planet has an addiction. Some of them are perceived to be normal because they’re common and a lot of people have them. On the other…


18 Actors Who Fell In Love

For actors, kissing their co-stars on set is just part of the job however, it isn’t uncommon for these romances to continue once the cameras are off. When we see…


16 Shocking Things That Are Affecting

We have all been in that position where we wake up from a bizarre dream that we are absolutely convinced was real. Sometimes we can understand things that pop up…