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Confederate-Flag-Loving, Obama-Hating Bounty Hunter Commits F**kup Of The Week (IMAGES/VIDEO)

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at 2016.02.06
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Brent Farley, bounty hunter, is a treasure of a human being. According to a post on his Facebook page, written above a picture of the confederate flag:

Brent Farley Post Screenshot  via Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/aznorthstar

I dont want Mexicans or any other group of people trampling across our border without papers. That is real simple. If that makes me a racist, then my wife will be missing a white sheet. I already own the Confederate flag, so I can fit the liberal mold of what the KKK looks like!

Farley also repeatedly expresses his hatred of Obama, loves using the term libtards, and has great pride in being part of a militia group. By far the most outrageous of all though, is how he brags about bringing his 11 year old daughter on raids!

Brent Farley Facebook Post Screenshot.  https://www.facebook.com/aznorthstar

Ironically, two day after this post, he has a raid go terribly, terribly wrong.

Without further ado, the raid that qualifies this bounty hunter for the f**kup of the week award…

Last night Farley, director of NorthStar Fugitive Recovery, accidentally raided the home of Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner. According to a report from Fox 10 Phoenix, Farley led a team of 11 fugitive recovery agents, also known as bounty hunters, on a raid meant to apprehend a fugitive wanted for armed robbery, based on an unsubstantiated Facebook tip.

Farley was arrested for charges of criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. Maybe he even learned a lesson about believing everything everyone tells him on the internet. Thankfully, it seems like his daughter was not with his team on this raid.

[UPDATE]: Reports since the time of the writing of this article indicate there was indeed an 11 year-old child with a plastic gun on the scene! There is no confirmation of the identity of the child, but I think its a pretty good guess it was Farleys daughter. Doh! At least for her sake, this did not go down much differently.

Hopefully this raises some questions about the free reign of bounty hunters. Imagine this had been a regular family whos address had been given as some kind of prank. The following 911 call might not have been answered so quickly and things might have gotten much worse.

I mean, who would have believed the crack team pictured below could make such a huge f**ckup?

NorthStar Recovery Fugitive Team Screenshot via Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/NorthstarFR/photos/pb.369550049905621.-2207520000.1438829928./413879252139367/?type=1&theater

Image via the NorthStar Fugitive Recovery Facebook page.

Watch the video below:


[UPDATES] It has now come to light that Farley was a convicted felon, which precludes him from getting a license as a fugitive recovery agent or bail bondsman in the state Arizona, not to mention owning a handgun. Additionally, the proper paperwork was not filed on the raid.

Featured image via Facebook


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  • Woody Lifton

    Brought to you by the good people (he said with a smile) at FAUX NEWS!!!!

    • LeeH

      You do realize that faux rhymes with toe, do you not?

      • Peter J Heaton

        You do realize that faux is French for false. Do You not?

  • dadzilla

    I cant believe they didnt bother with a DB lookup… thats a world class screwup.

  • The JC

    Yet another conservative, confederate flag waiving, ultra right wing teabagger nominated for the Darwin Award…You just cant fix stupid!

    • elizabeth hartley

      Actually, you can fix it. Unfortunately it involves a well-placed kill shot.

  • J Davis

    What a douchebag…….lol Karma

    • GarySpatzScam .

      Karma is a product of the ARCHONS and the Fake God Saturn. Do not feed it.

  • Mark Kinnaman

    Trained, experienced douchbags

  • Dorian Mode

    Mr. Police Chief, what ever happened to stand your ground ???,

    • andrea

      With a small child present, he may have wisely chosen to avert tragedy.

  • If someone will be trying to get in my residence, while calling 911 via handsfree I will be unlocking my magazine and ammunition storage, loading ammunition in my magazine and unlocking the storage box with my legally owned .45. Yeah, it is tough in CA, but you got to do what you got to do… It will still be faster than cops, and when seconds counts, police is minutes away.

    • Angus T. McButterpants

      So in the time it takes someone to kick in your door, your going to A: Unlock your magazine and ammo storage B: Load ammo in the magazine C: Unlock the box with your .45 inside D: Load the .45 and rack the slide? Youll already be dead.

      • Thats the point. It is California law, so I suppose, California WANTS me dead.

        • Angus T. McButterpants

          Okay, sorry. Now I understand. Wow, thats crazy.

  • DisFan

    Regardless of what this article says, our newspaper and other media sources report that there was an 11-year-old in the group that tried to barge into the Chief of Polices home. So,looks as if his kid got to see him arrested.

    • Chris19741949

      Maybe she will have learned something from this…

  • labman57

    Larry and his brothers, Daryl and Daryl, never quite outgrew playing cops and robbers.

  • Roket

    Which one plays Dog?

  • Ronnie Almond

    No point in being stupid if you are not going act stupid.

    • olegar


  • greaburns

    Hey, it isnt just bounty hunters that do this sort of things.

  • John Troutman

    Im guessing you have
    small feet.

    • Leah Danes

      No guessing to it…youre an idiot.

      • John Troutman

        Leah, catbyte stated that the combined IQ of the rednecks was roughly equaled her shoe size. Their actions, in my opinion, were consistent with really stupid people, who would have a very low IQ. The small feet reference would indicate that I agree, very strongly, with the moron assessment. What was the core of your comment?

  • Kevin Eaton

    Im surprised that the police chief didnt fire a few rounds off first and then answer the door. Yes his job is solely administrative but he is still a police officer and therefore should have a side arm. In a situation like that Im sure that it would go down as a clean shoot as well.

  • aspromised

    Notice the similarity in the writings to those of killer (but not a RWNJ terrorist) Dylann Roof?
    Everyones got a little manifesto now. How cute.

  • Rick Derris

    Farley also repeatedly expresses his hatred of Obama, loves using the term libtards, and has great pride in being part of a militia group.

    Religion&Politics is in jail now?

    • Alice Lindsley

      Speaking of tards. He has to be head tard.

  • TrueNorthCarolina

    i tawt i taw a puddy tat

  • Ole Man

    How come Social Services still lets him endanger his daughters welfare?

    • andrea

      Thats a fabulous question. One I also have.

    • Chuck

      Oh Im pretty sure hes going to get quite familiar with Social Services now. At a minimum its endangering the welfare of a child. Who knows what they call it when you bring a small child to apprehend dangerous fugitives. Cant be good.

  • Alexthekay

    Typical bounty hunter. These guys should be limited. A felony conviction should bar anyone from getting a license to do this stuff, and they shouldnt be able to do anything a cop cant do.

    • Angus T. McButterpants

      A felony conviction literally bars him from getting a bounty hunter license or owning a gun, as it was stated in the article that you apparently did not read.

      • Alexthekay

        And yet he is able to field a team, take part in a bounty hunt and carry a gun, as is clearly shown in the article you apparently did not read. Look, friend, were all aware of leglaisms that allow shenanigans like this. My point is that the laws should be enforced to prevent a clown like this from being in a position to field a bunch of bounty hunters, much less take part in something he technically cant get a personal license for.

  • Dot

    Im more concerned that he takes his daughter to these raids. Shouldnt someone report him to DCF?

    • Joe

      Im thinking that has now been accomplished.

    • ltneid

      That was my thought. Put a toy gun in an eleven year olds hand and take her on a outing that could easily become a shootout? Not even close to sanity.

  • Paul Keller

    Hard to believe that this sperm was the quickest to the egg.

    • Mauvais Garcon

      Kinda gives a clue about the balance of the few milion that didnt get there first!!!!!

  • Denton Young


    Yet another reason why the only trustworthy bounty hunter is Dog Chapman.

    • Angus T. McButterpants

      Duane The Dog Chapman was convicted of murder in Pampa, Texas in 1976 and sentenced to 5 years in prison. He served 18 months.

      • Denton Young

        I know that. He turned his life around afterwards.

    • Jack Hoft

      seriously?? that clown couldnt catch a cold in a communicable diseases ward. they are a couple of over the hill glam-stars that couldnt make the big times with a legit acting roles

      • Denton Young

        Remind me again who caught Andrew Luster?

  • Mauvais Garcon

    Time wounds all heels……

  • Kriquette

    Typical conservative republican! Roflmao!

    • GarySpatzScam .

      They should all be thrown into FEMA Camps Seriousy, whats WRONG with admiring the British Royals? Thats the problem with Murika these days, no class and too wild. I think Liberty IS a bad thing to some extent, there HAS to be regulation to peoples beliefs.

  • Alice Lindsley

    The entire group looked like refugee from the Hee Haw Cornfield.

  • Franklin Radcliff

    lmao someone sent that lamb to the slaughter.

  • GarySpatzScam .

    There SHOULD be FEMA Camps and a NWO. If it gets rid of these cockroaches, then Im all for it. Diversity is GOOD. Diversity is a STRENGTH! Diversity will SAVE ISRAEL!!!!!!

  • kikodpr

    Another conservative idiot. Keep that moron in jail, fox sucker!

  • Charles Edward Pardue

    With all the issues we currently have with rogue police, do we really need to have a legion of morons with dime-store badges roaming the country? Bounty hunters need to be eliminated from our legal system.

  • Exsquid

    Well he just blew career day for his little princess.

  • andrea

    I think bounty hunting needs to be outlawed, period. This is not a profession people without public accountability should be involved in. They seem to be loudmouth, swaggering addicts to machoism looking to show the world how tough they are.

  • http://uriahtwolfe.newgrounds.com Uncle Clover

    Hopefully, it raises the issue of his fitness to be a parent. I mean
    taking your young, pre-pubescent child on BOUNTY HUNTING RAIDS, for
    crying out loud? Theres no reason in the world to assume shes just
    automatically going to be safe, that none of the people hes pursuing
    are just automatically never going to have guns or be willing to kill to
    stay out of jail. Seriously, he NEEDS to lose custody of his child.

  • mattdl

    His kid had a toy gun on a raid? Are you f*cking kidding me? Another example of why there should be a charge of felony stupid on the books.

    • Jack Hoft

      There are several felonies on the books that can be really applied. Somebody has to stand up and file changes on the childs behalf.

  • Paula Helm Murray

    Maybe crack team means what they smoked befor,they started?

  • Denton Young

    You dont know how to look him up yourself?

    • Jack Hoft

      but even so I have to give it to Dawg; even though it was not at all hard to track down a well known quasi celebrity living in plain sight in a major resort town in mexico…at least he doesnt take an 11 year old on his take-downs. This brent farley is a whole new brand of crackpot…started watching fox news and facebook at the same time and got his honey boo-boo mixed up with his dawg bountyhunter in his excitement

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