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Conservative Forbes Admits Obamacare Is Adding Jobs And Helping The Economy

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at 2016.01.25
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Conservative magazine Forbes is a leader in anti-Obamacare rhetoric and propaganda. Since the ACAs inception, Forbes has been a staunch opponent of the law, finding any reason, and often no reason at all, to hate on the President and his signature healthcare reform.

It came as a surprise when an article referencing Marchs jobs growth wasnt about Obamacare costing people full-time jobs so employers could weasel out of providing health care or how many doctors will retire over the law, leaving their patients without quality care. Forbes has apparently given in and decided to post the truth.

Obamacare is helping create high-paying healthcare jobs, therefore it helps the economy as a whole.

From the article:

The Affordable Care Act, which is infusing millions of new paying customers into the economy who previously couldnt afford medical care services, continues to boost jobs growth as the health industry emphasizes outpatient care and value-based medicine.

The health care industry added 22,000 jobs last month, which was about on par with February totals for health services jobs, according to the jobs report issued Friday by the U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the past year alone, 363,000 jobs have been added in the health sector. The entire U.S. economy added 126,000 jobs in March though such totals ended a string of 12 consecutive months when 200,000 jobs or more were added to employment rolls.

People in hell were given some ice water as Forbes didnt have anything negative to say about the ACA, didnt have any spin available as to why this was a bad thing, and didnt forecast any doom and gloom as a result of the jobs report.

They just…reported the news…as it is, in black and white, with optimism for an industry many said would crumble when the Presidents pen hit the bill and made it law.

Theres little hope that outlets like Fox News, The Blaze, Mr. Conservative and Town Hall will follow suit, but at least with this to throw in their faces they might in the very least ignore the continuous jobs growth in our country rather than attempting to turn it into a push towards socialism or offer some ridiculous reason why the economy will crash as people get healthier.

I never thought Id put this in print:

Thank you, Forbes. Excellent article.

H/T: Forbes | Image: Charles Topher

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  • Don Overlin

    Come on now! This is the Onion right??? No death panels either??

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    I think it works like this:

    Every other conservative news outlet is rich people lying to poor people.

    Forbes is news by rich people, for rich people. They want results, they want good information, theyre in the position where things ideological nonsense can hit them right where it hurts… in the assets.

    • Michael Kelly

      Good post. That seems an objective viewpoint. Why so many who struggle to get by become sycophants to Fox and the right wing rhetoric is puzzling, but bigotry plays a big role. The rich are too busy becoming richer, and are willing to put bigotry aside if they can profit accordingly.

      • jonadenz

        IMHO they struggle to get by based on bad info as you said- then blame Obama

  • Hal

    Dont hold your breath on Fox News follow suit. At least not before the 2016 election.

    • nycguy

      Or after.

  • kbeth

    Forbes can safely report the real facts without fear of the Republican base ever hearing about it. Even if they did hear, their brains reject facts.

    • imageWIS

      The Republican base rejects facts the same way they think a womans body shuts down sperm after a legitimate rape.

  • indoboy7

    The Executives at FORBES had better BEWARE,…and check to see if they still have their jobs come monday,………………………going against the wishes/views (SKEWED AS THEY ARE) of the Worlds MOST OBNOXIOUS MISCREANTSthe KOchs spawn- has its consequences MArk my words…………TRUTH TELLING WHILE ON THE KOCHS PAYROLL……/??!!

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~mcloner Matthew Cloner

    Forbes Magazine has reported positive news about President Obama and his economic record before. This is not the first time.

  • Vicki Robinson

    Exactly. It annoys me when people crow Yay! Forbes is posting good stuff about Obama and the ACA! every time one of their bloggers writes a progressive opinion. When one of their paid staffers, writing for the editorial board, publishes something like this, Ill dance in the streets.

  • JimmieTF

    I think a pig just flew past my window.

    • Shirley Marie Crump

      Haha!:Good one!!!

  • geraldhoey

    Republicans will never hear of this because Fox News didnt report it.

    • Louis Brown

      You miss spelled Faux

  • radsenior

    This is why I read Forbes!

  • Secret Name

    Good ol corporatism seems to have helped the job sector. Oh Noes. Oh Noes. Cant blame the black guy, so heads are going to start exploding. Is this an example of how the free market isnt the best market?

    • Ed

      Soon even the haters and bigots will see, the Supply Siders have misinformed and corrupted our Corporations, Supreme court, Both House and Senate, and will continue if we dont all speak truth against ignorance, and support middle class economics. The cities doing the best in their recovery are those who pay fair and living wages and offer opportunity over inequality. Conservatism is a plague payed for by Sociopaths and supported by muppets pretending to be Christlike. Who in their right mind would believe giving wealthy people and businesss additional untold wealth, privilege and power is going to trickle down and help our poorest, elderly and children??? Dumb, dumb, dumb
      Peace and awareness.

  • Ed

    The saddest thing in my life to date, is the realization that those I called friends and Christians have ignored facts and truth for politics and inequality. They will accept anything their fed w entertainment regardless of the millions theyve hurt. All because they believe limiting contraception, reduces abortion?

  • Biologyteacher100

    Nevertheless, allowing facts on their website is a big improvement. Recently, a contributor has been publishing real climate science. Perhaps some day we will such reality in the printed version

    • Darren Stevens

      Exactly. They have to appear legit SOME of the time else they lose their credibility and show themselves for who they really are and to whom they owe their allegiance.

  • G. Thomas Trammell Jr.

    1. I am pro-universal healthcare.
    2. I am anti-mandated healthcare.
    The ACA is a horribly atrocious monstrosity that requires individuals
    to purchase a private industrys product which is mandated healthcare,
    but does NOT achieve universal healthcare for individuals. It requires
    people to pay money in for a service they cannot afford to use.
    Which leads to: DUH it created jobs. Any time you FORCE people to buy a
    private product it will create jobs. The way in which it is creating
    jobs and helping the economy is by forcing the poor and middle class
    to give up more wages at gun point while generating little or no benefit
    for their investment.

    now get to pay $50/mo for health insurance through the ACA for a
    program which has deductibles we cant afford to cover… so basically
    we get to pay $50/mo for health insurance we cant afford to use.

    I feel SOOOOoooooooo happy about helping the economy right now. *rolls eyes*

  • http://traxxious.tumblr.com/ Traxxious

    Good on Forbes, I still hate 98% of the news media though.

  • http://scottalanmendelson.blogspot.com Scott Mendelson

    Forbes has many bloggers from all political stripes, including a number of hardcore liberals. Granted Im their box office reporter, but Im one of them.

  • Winifred

    This article should really be in the Weird News category

  • Shirley Marie Crump


  • Endoxa52

    Thank you Conservative Forbes? More like, thank you liberal Bruce Japsen. Unlike many liberal publications Forbes gives view to the opposition, as well. Nice try, Charley. Also, I am not referencing the article, only Tophers insinuation that Forbes is conceding some point on Obamacare.

  • hangr54

    To bad most republicans cant read

  • john doe

    Nonsense. Checkups/preventative care are fully covered under the ACA.

    My premiums have gone way down, as have my pharmaceutical costs, co-pays and deductibles. I get ZERO subsidies. Checkups and preventative care is free.You just bought a shi&ty plan. Blame yourself, not the ACA.

  • Richard Hall

    Or, as I call him, Brash Lamebrain.

  • http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=552 JohnSmith112

    This piece is a serious misrepresentation of the Forbes article. Forbes is NOT on board with Obamacare.

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