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Creepy Christmas, Day 8: The Former Prime Minister of Britain’s Creepy Cards

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at 2016.12.17
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Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Britain who held the office throughout the Bush years, has just released his Christmas Card and it is…odd. So much so, it has everyone talking on Twitter. At first glance it seems like a fairly normal picture. Although the font reading “Season”s Greetings” is a little cheesy, it seems like just a normal card that a couple might send out for the holidays.

But if you look at Blair”s face, you may wonder if maybe the camera man suddenly burst into flames or became a naked skeleton with bat wings. I mean, Christmas card smiles are usually bad, but this just creepy.

But then again, maybe Tony Blair just isn”t a photogenic British bloke. For the sake of science, here”s a side by side of Tony Blair and Harry Styles rocking the same hairdo:

Ummmm, yep. It must be just him. Blair”s people were asked to comment on the photo and all they said was a “very nice picture.” There you have it.

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