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Creepy Man Boasts About Personal Record of Cuddling Over 10,000 Women in His Lifetime.

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at 2016.02.17
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Cuddling is the act of holding a person close to bond and get intimate, but not have sex. It is mostly done by couples and close friends and family to show love and affection. Little did we know that THERE IS a person so-called as an expert cuddler.

Meet Mike Fine, a 33 year old comedian based in New York, who swears to have cuddled over 10,000 women in his lifetime. He said he cuddles an average of seven women per week, spending about an hour with each. He also joins cuddling parties, where he cuddles multiple women in one evening.

Interestingly, he does not charge for his cuddling services because he claims that he really is just into cuddling.

He also said that he would choose cuddling over sex any time of the day.


Girls automatically assume guys are out to f*ck. They think theres something wrong when I tell them Im into cuddling. Id choose cuddling 10 times out of 10 [over sex] its more intimate. And at least cuddling I know Im good at. Sex is like a chore, a routine its like going to the dentist.

Amy Fuks, 29, is one of Fines clients. She has given Fine rave reviews, saying, You could tell he knows what hes doing. Amy is only one of Fines many clients who schedule cuddling sessions with the expert cuddler.

Fine may not be charging for his services now, but will he eventually do?


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H/T: NY Post

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