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Dad Gives Son The Ultimate Punishment For Bullying A Classmate: I Dont Put Up With That.

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Most parents are oblivious when their child is accused of bullying or mistreating someone. Usually they just get away with a slap on the wrist, but that is not the case with this no-nonsense father.

When Timothy Robenhorst learned that his teenage son, Kayden Robenhorst, was tormenting a classmate at Pulaski Middle School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he took matters into his own hands. To ensure that his son never bullied someone again, Timothy gave the teenager an array of unpleasant workout routines and tasks to accomplish. First, Timothy woke Kayden up at 4:30 A.M. and instructed him to do 50 push-ups on his fists, a series of difficult incline push-ups, followed by a mile run outside (morning temperatures in Wisconsin are still below freezing). Next, Kayden was ordered to do landscaping work on two different houses that his father currently owns. After hours of manual labor, Kayden was made to apologize to the classmate he mistreated in front of the entire middle school.

Unfortunately for Kayden, the punishment did not end there. The teenager and his father posed for a photo that displayed a sign which publicly revealed Kaydens punishment and the reason as to why he was being disciplined. His father then posted the image on Facebook asking everyone to share it. As the photo began to go viral, Timothy ordered his son to set the image as both his profile and cover picture on Facebook.

Below his viral image, his fathers caption said:

I teach my kids they do not start fights but if someone puts their hands on them they finish it. This is what happens when you become a bully! I dont put up with it and at 4:30 a.m. today my son found out what happens when you pray [sic] on people and bully! Please share this to end this behavior everywhere! Nothing changes until you take a stance and it only takes one person to start a revolution!

There were many controversial debates as to whether or not the father took the punishment too far. I am no parent, but is publicly humiliating your child on social media the safest or most logical way to teach them a lesson?

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    • Patrick T. Hendrick

      Apologizing to the kid should have been sufficient. He went over board.

      • sue

        Im sorry is meaningless without true remorse.

      • Leah Danes

        He did exactly what a good parent would do.

      • Emily quiet Robinson

        The only punishment my bully ever got was saying sorry (I was forced to say sorry too) and what do you know?… She kept doing it, and actually started getting physical. Theres a reason we dont just give adult criminals speeches, or make them write letters as sufficient punishment. Words dont penetrate everyone.

    • Nancy Williams Laird

      NO! Bullying humiliates others. Since his son humiliated another young man, the punishment of humiliation on social media was appropriate, and I feel very sure that Kayden wont be doing much of that crap again!!

    • lakegirl1935

      Dont know..I do have my doubt about the humiliation….but bet this kid. NEVER. Bullies anyone again……

    • William Lanteigne

      Dads house, Dads rules. Break the rules, you pay the price. If you dont like it, get a job and move out.

      • DCKeene

        Tell that to the grandchild of the woman who was just convicted of murder in Alabama when she made her granddaughter run for several hours and died. While humiliating his son on social media might have worked, physical punishment is never the answer.

        • Charlie Hoopla

          Two totally different situations. You cant compare the two.

          • DCKeene

            Where would you draw the line at physical punishment? Sorry, but physically punishing a kid in any way is just wrong. Im all for the father making him pay by apologizing and even the social media thing. Kudos to the father, but physically punishing a child is bullying in my book. Just think he went overboard.

            • Pete Lawrence

              This physical punishment was appropriate and warranted. The military physically punishes people and it sounds like his father was former military. When my daughter came home drunk one night in high school, I made her walk/run/stumble around the block three times and then made her weed the side yard till I was tired of her working. She threw up a few times, once on herself, and I still made her work. Told her welcome to the real world. You know what, she has never gotten drunk again. And yes I Know. I think the father need more manual labor for his son. Make his.muscles so sore that he would never try it again.

            • DCKeene

              This physical punishment was appropriate and warranted….sounds exactly like every abuser I have ever heard try to justify a beating.

            • ChrisinAK

              This is hardly a beating. Your kind of thinking is whats making it difficult to raise children these days. They need hard work, discipline, and mentoring, not the kind of coddling you would provide.

            • Amanda Gynther

              Disagree. The kid was not hit or kicked or physically assaulted in any way and the physical exercise was on par with what he would have done in a 45 minute P.E. class. Had he been made to run 5 miles and do 200 of those pushups, I would agree it was abusive. Unless you are saying all childrens P.E. classes are abusive?

            • CognizantImpiety

              Apparently you have never been beaten. I would much rather have had disciplinary actions over the many beatings I had with a belt.

              The man was just letting his kid know that he screwed up and it better not happen again.

              You dont just say it to them if they are over the age of 12, they wont listen. Demonstrating the reality of life is a far better lesson.

            • Peter

              Pity your daughter. You could have killed her that way you idiot! Alcohol posisoning is dangerous and how it is medically dealt with is important for safety more important actually than the need for punishment such as the physical nature here. The natural consequence of having a sick stomach and hang over are bad enough to teach a lesson all by itself for self reflection. Perhaps that alone and grounding or loss of privileges for limited time to then earn rewards back is suffice .The military approach is abusive these are kids not adult soldiers training to be tough for war.

            • Joseph Miceli

              What a woose. The military approach is abusive. Waaaahhhhh. People like you have no sense of accountability. You whine at difficulty and make all sorts of excuses for the failings of others. Some lessons are HARD. That is why they are remembered. Just because you dont have the stones to do the hard but necessary work of discipline doesnt mean those that do are abusive.

            • DCKeene

              Using the word woose implies that having a vagina is not a strong thing. Hate that misogynist term, It is just vile.

            • CognizantImpiety

              a weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse).
              fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
              shell probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess

            • Gort1

              Have you noticed our military is full of crazies..rapists..and psychopaths?

            • Dani Bock

              Thats a gross generalization about those in the military. I dont spank my kids ever. But I dont disagree with this father at all. Ive used extra chores and running myself when the kids are out of hand, even oh my gosh, sit ups. And the post to social media, our kids lack empathy anymore. People that want to help others are consisted weak, liberal, hippies. Maybe his new profile picture will give him a taste of what the child he bullied experienced. And Im a woman, when did we get a body part called a woosie?

            • Gort1

              No it isnt. read the papers lately, watch the news? our military is getting PTSD before they leave bootcamp and yes our military is full of rapists and psychopaths…

            • CognizantImpiety

              a weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse).
              fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
              shell probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess

              You dont get to be all bent out of shape by that word, sorry.

            • CognizantImpiety

              Oh, so you were in the military? Which branch?

            • Charlie Hoopla

              You are entitled to your opinion.

            • DCKeene

              Thank you, sir.

            • HowboutdemIggles

              Physical punishment by working out? Coaches make players run the bleachers for doing something wrong.

          • Celestria Henly

            I think it is very important to keep things in perspective. 1mile, 10 incline push-ups, 50 knuckle push-ups & an apology. The man didnt require his son to go outside of his capabilities . Average time for a mile run for a 12yr old is 11mins or less. The rest is done inside. With the exception of the knuckle push ups nothing that the father demanded is outside what you would find during the childs PE class. You may not agree with his methods but make no mistake here… The father is involved & active which is more than can be said for most parents of children that bully. I am going to give the dad the benefit of the doubt here and would wager a bet that he was running with his son. If you are sitting there thinking that a mile run is going to kill the child think what you are saying about the current physical condition of children today.

            • yellowdogdemocrat

              …If you are sitting there thinking that a mile run is going to kill the child think what you are saying about the current physical condition of children today. Childhood and teenage obesity has gone through the roof. Dad was lucky the boy was in decent condition…

            • CognizantImpiety

              Maybe Dad didnt let his kid swig CoCola all day.

          • Gort1

            Shame is bullying in its finest form. No different than what his son did. The apple didnt fall too far ..did it?

            • BlueMockingBird

              Obviously, you dont understand the unconditional love of a parent.

              bullying is wrong. Youre kid was doing it. What do you do? Punish him.

              He stops bullying. Imagine if it had continued. The bullying would have turned his heart colder and sourer.

              Imagine; if he had grown up with a light, breezy punishment, he might have become a criminal. But this fathers love may have prevented it.

            • Gort1

              you dont stop a bullying child by shaming them and bullying them right back. Check out his disgusting fathers tshirt….

            • Gort1

              we raised 4 children…so yes I understand parenting very well.

        • DinIndy

          Oh horse poo. The kid was not made to run for hours. This is the problem in our country we cannot or will not use our brains to separate lunatic torture from physical discipline. He worked out and did physical labor. Appropriate, proportional and a learning experience. Take a second and wonder at the 24 hours a day for who knows how long his victim had to endure mental torture. Not even a question in my mind which was worse.

        • Michele Erickson

          The grandmother did go overboard with her granddaughter. She shouldnt have made her run for hours. Id have made her run around the block or from one corner to the other. It basically depends on there age of the child for the punishment. When my children mess up by bullying or putting a hand on their sister after being told to keep your hands to yourself, my husband and I make our boys do pushups. One does knuckle busters, which is what this father had his son do. Im for physical punishment as long as it doesnt jeopardize their health like the little girl who died.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Thank you! Being a parent is difficult. Knowing what constitutes appropriate punishment that is not life threatening or damaging to a child is just part of the job. Looks like your sense of perspective makes your children very lucky indeed.

          • kanakagirl

            That grandmother was a sadistic monster. Shes 49, looks 69 and has a face that is contorted in hate and sadism. Im sure she enjoyed every minute, and probably did the same thing to her own children. She needs a few laps (maybe 30 miles) around her prison building. Hopefully, she will pay the price once she enters prison. Most inmates dont care for child abusers; they dont last long in general population. Its an insult to call that animal a grandmother when just child murderer will do.

        • Ellen L

          Looks like that child should have been punished a long time ago. Nonetheless, running for several hours is not a fair punishment. This father required a 1 mile run, which I, at 68, do each day. The other punishments were healthful for the boy and designed to take his edge off. Finally, apologizing is most beneficial of all. Punishment is required. Life is punishing. Children must learn at an early that their bad behavior will not go unpunished.

        • BlueMockingBird

          stupid. 50 push ups, mile run, then landscaping.

          Not the same as 5 hours of useless, life-threatening exertion.

          I applaud the father. Right way to handle bullying iMO.

      • aloryandaneaglet

        dad later seen wearing a swastika t-shirt posted on facebook (true story)

        • Sandika

          LINK please.

          • Troy

            You mean this brilliant guy?

            • Sean

              One is a wigger, one is a neo-nazi, the third is a good ol fashion hick

      • Dave Koch

        …yeah, do it now while you still know everything.

    • Madge

      Many people support the death penalty because the bible says an eye for an eye. So if you believe in this form of justice because the bible says its okay then the humiliation of the bully is a fitting punishment since much of bullying is humiliation toward the victim. I dont believe that in every case and eye for an eye is appropriate nor am I a believer in any religion. If you believe in the bible then you should have no problem with what this dad did.

      • Bob Gallagher

        Madge, since you believe in the absolute autonomy of the Bible, do you also support the death penalty by stoning for folks caught in adultery or teens who mouth off? I get nervous when folks take Holy Writ out of context to support their own moral and political beliefs. Focusing on an eye for an eye leaves us with a blind world with the real possibility of a blind Madge. How about including Scriptural passages of love and forgiveness along with your eye for eye tenet. By the way, speaking of quoting Scripture out of context: The Bible states there is no God. However, when you go back to that verse you find the FULL message is this: The fool believes in his heart: there is no God! We need to read the ENTIRE Bible, do we not?

        • Madge

          I dont believe that in every case and eye for an eye is appropriate nor am I a believer in any religion.

          Clearly you missed this part of my comment. I was merely making an analogy and asking those who believe that if an eye for an eye is cool in death penalty cases, why do they not condon it in a bullying case.

          I agree with you that focusing on an eye for an eye leaves us blind to justice. So maybe next time read my whole comment and be sure you understand where I stand rather than making an assumptions.

          • Bob Gallagher

            Thank you, Madge. I will try harder to assume less.

        • Nancy Hartley

          Just a side note to this. When the bible said an eye for an eye, according to many theologians, it simply meant that the punishment should fit the crime. At that time in history punishment was preposterous for even petty crimes. According to that interpretation the father went too far. I think the public apology should have been sufficient as he publicly bullied the victim. It sounds more of a case where the father was bullying his son.

          • Bob Gallagher

            Wholeheartedly agree. Amazing how bullying begets bullying. Hopefully both father and son will get some counseling.

          • Michele Erickson

            When the bulky apologize to the victim, they usually dont mean it because they are FORCED to say it by their parent. Sometimes theyll continue on doing it because of some reason and we wont ever know the real reason. My 2 older boys were bullied on the bus by a girl and she had struck my youngest son in the face when he was wearing his glasses. She treated them like trash because her father makes more money than myself and my husband. Some of these parents dont pay any attention to their children. And these children who bully are taking their anger out on other children cause theyre not getting any attention at home by mom and/or dad. That is the actual problem, I think.

        • Ashley Rice

          Anyone ever heard of Hammurabi? Eye for an eye is not an original Christian construct. Its just another shining example of the Bibles affinity for revisionist history.

          Back to this story: No kid should have to endure physical abuse, but what this kid was asked to do doesnt qualify as physical abuse. Pete who made your daughter run with alcohol poisoning? THAT is.

          In terms of the psychological abuse, there is a lot of gray area here and ultimately time will tell. I completely agree with the father making his son apologize to his classmates, but I feel like the social media part turned what should have been a valuable lesson into a publicity stunt and created a huge emotional divide between father and son that will be incredibly hard to repair.

    • Lacey Christian

      I think the son humiliated himself when he became a bully. At least this dad was being involved in his sons life and tried to teach him right from wrong without beating the tarnation out of him.

    • Bob Gallagher

      I approve of addressing the bullying- to a point! One question is this: at what point is this lad forgiven and at what point does Dads discipline begin to mushroom into a new kind of bullying and harassment of the son? A second question: where did the lad learn to bully- leading to a third question: Perhaps the models in the sons life need to reassess their modeling?

      • Alex Adams

        do not jump to that conclusion. There are a slew of bullies around, some of them gaining prominence for that. Many in politics, e.g. NJ gummer Krispy. or ollie north, lying asshat. or any number of same in Congre$$. that kid can even generate his own path out of low self image. Finally, yes the home enviro can also promote that, esp if dad is authoritarian.

      • Michele Erickson

        Bullying is encouraged by friends or in other words, peer pressure. The rich kids are usually the ones who are behind the pressure. Theyre in every town. I grew up with some rich girls who bullied me because I grew blobs before them and they were jealous. So in order for them to feel better about themselves, they had to spread rumors about me in the fifth grade that I already had my period and that I was whoring myself out. Which was obvious that wasnt true. They knew nothing about me besides that I started physically maturing before them.

        • Joseph Miceli

          The sound of children playing always seems so delightful to adult ears…until you actually listen to some of the crap they say. Kids are exposed to a very sexualized environment now, but their brains ethical wiring doesnt come online till later. It shows. Im sorry you went through that and I hope those girls changed later in life.

      • HowboutdemIggles

        Who said he wasnt forgiven? He wanted to be a bully and he was zero tolerance with him. Were so on edge to think every type of punishment is bad, I had bullys when I was in school, that wasnt always because of the parent.

      • BlueMockingBird

        Verbal abuse, perhaps physical abuse, were two things that the child did to the other at the middle school. Perhaps the father did bully; he wanted the child to understand the situation that the child put the bullied child in.

        Bullying is serious; kids have committed suicide, and it scars them for a long long time. Although physical punishment was used it only amounts to 50 push ups, a mile-run, and landscaping.

        Tbh I believe the damage done to the bullied kid by the bully was more than what the dad could have ever done the dad used calculated, predictable punishment bullies dont.

    • Jon Davis

      Its on the level he understands. (Though Id suggest a bit of work on that sign.)

    • dopteach

      Too harsh,in my opinion. The time didnt fit the crime. He could have taught his son a lesson through conversation and example. I bet the apple didnt fall far from the tree.

      • momatad

        Son, do you feel bad you made XYZ feel bad? Yes? Good boy. Heres a $50 go buy yourself a video game. Talk is cheap……actions speak louder than words. Kid will definitely think twice before being a bully again.

    • cewing2301

      good on the dad!! more parents ought to teach their kids it is NOT cool to be a bully

    • NotaFanatic

      Why not??? If you can dish out public humiliation, by bullying someone, you should be able to take it.

    • Janice Adams

      The reason the child is a bully is because the father is a bully. The punishment was pretty extreme for the crime and then the public humiliation on top of that was simply another form of bullying by the strong over the weak. This parent needs to learn how to parent. This child needs to learn that his father is not always right by might. The only lesson learned in this fiasco is that you leave home as soon as you can figure out how.

      • ChrisinAK

        Theres just no way in your mind the kid could just have a personality on his own and be a bully or other things. He is a bully therefore his dad must be one too is just an idiotic statement to make and has no basis in fact.

    • DinIndy

      This is a series of lessons meant to teach the budding bully that worse will come if he tries it again. I find it refreshing.

    • M. Dianne Williams

      I was bullied as a child; I woke up scared every morning of going to school. The crazy part was the kids bullied me because the teachers liked me and I was smart. Bulling is unacceptable and if more parent took a stand, school would be a nice place for some children.

    • Heidi Hecht

      I wish more parents would be that tough on their kids when they get caught bullying. A lot of the problem is that people flip out about one harsh punishment that really did no permanent damage when there are kids who are being shoved down stairs by a drunk parent because they took the last cookie.

      • Michele Erickson

        You hit the nail on the head. One reason for these kids who do the bullying, could be cause theyre not getting any attention at home. If the parents would make time for their children, there might not be any bullying going on. My husband and I spend time with our children and talk to them. So far, we havent had any complaints from the school or the school bus driver that they havent caused any problems with any of the other children. At least the father did something about it when he found out, unlike some other parents.

        • Emily Fravel

          Thats only one reason and the tip of the iceberg. There are just about as many reasons for bullying as there are bullies. Theyre actually rarely in anyway neglected.

      • Emily Fravel

        My son is having a problem with bullying at his school. A couple years ago he came home after telling on and standing up to a bully. I had to be called in because he was going to be punished. We had a long talk about the whole situation and why its NEVER OK to bully. I asked him what he thought Id do if I found out he was bullying (the bullys mom tried to get him out of it). He said Id beat his a**. Now, I dont know where he got THAT particular idea since we neither do that, threaten it or talk about it, but it as pretty clear that he knew hed be in trouble when he got home

    • Guest

      Excuse me, but I can clearly see where his son learned to bully. From his stupid FATHER! There is a world of teaching not to bully between a slap on the wrist and what the father did. He picked on his son and humiliated him. Thats the very definition of bullying.

    • Woodward Bear

      A bully often thinks of himself in terms
      of teaching someone else a needed lesson. Its a good guess that the son
      learned his behavior from his father.

    • VMWH

      Sometimes it is all that works on a kid. I am with Dad on this.

    • Clare

      I can clearly see where his son learned to bully. From
      his stupid FATHER! There is a world of teaching between a
      slap on the wrist and what the father did. He picked on his son and
      humiliated him. Thats the very definition of bullying. I can guarantee this is not the first time the father treated his son in such a manner.

    • David

      not good, Dad needs to lean how to be a real parent teaching love and respect, not doing the very thing that he accuses his son of, so sad, militant style and a child that age is pretty sensitive, hope the social services in his area sees this information posted and gets in there to investigate the situation.

    • Michael Melone

      Bullying obviously began at home.

    • Raji the Green Witch

      The punishment fit the transgression, perfectly. The kid bullied the other kid in public, he SHOULD have to suffer the consequences in public, too.

    • Randall Whitt

      When one chooses to bully a fellow classmate, they have taken away that classmates self worth and sense of security in what should be a safe learning environment. Being publicly humiliated is not too great a punishment for doing this to another human being. I applaud this man for showing his son how it feels to be publicly shamed. Maybe this kid will think twice before he decides to torment another person.

    • Jan LaBouve Remling

      Im ok with it all except for the viral FB photo….

    • hisstoryman

      Perfectly appropriate, punishemnt. Kid you want act like a tough guy? Now act like one. Little self indulgent brat has a chance to be a responsible adult.

    • Johnny 5

      In short, no. This is not an effective or healthy correction of the kids behavior and may have adverse long term effects.

    • kanakagirl

      Ive heard of too many boy and girl bullies as young as grammar school who take photos or videos of the bullying taking placesometimes so vicious you would think the kids are sociopathsand then publish the videos on youtube or their FB pages. Many times that is the only way the bullying is exposed, unless the poor kid being bullied commits suicide. So, no, I dont think this father went overboard. But I do believe he and his entire family should sit down and discuss reasons for attacking and bullying a weaker child. If they see the other person as a human being capable of being hurt physically and emotionally, they may change their mind about the attitude of bullying. I do think some therapy for this bully is in order. He will have tons of peer pressure at school to continue bullying. He needs answers.

    • vamom1

      So he bullies his kid to teach his kid not to bully people. And then has to post it all over social media to get his 15 minutes of fame. More important- he should ask himself what turned his kid into a bully in the first place Im betting dad had a lot to do with it and now that kid hates his dad and himself even more.

    • Robyn Ryan

      You do the deed, you take responsibility. The Dad understands modern communications.

    • aleatharhea

      Bullying comes from being bullied. Get it?

    • justice4rall

      The son/bully publicly humiliated his classmate. The Father only showed him what it feels like. He very likely will not engage in that behavior again. He will always remember that feeling.Unless, he is a sociopath….and if thats the case , nothing will help him.

    • Gort1

      Check out dads tats….parole maybe?

    • Jennifer Julie Ann

      Shortly after, a picture of the father was discovered where he was wearing a swaztika shirt. Bullying is a cycle, for sure. This is what happens when your ideas, that some people have less value than others, rub off on your kids.

    • yellowdogdemocrat

      That was too much punishment.

    • Michael Ryland

      I would agree with the heavy workout and the chores. I think an apology was appropriate, just not in front of others. A long grounding with the removal of all at-home privileges would be a good addition. What I strongly disagree with is the public shaming. A one-mile run and a few push-ups wont do any harm to a healthy teenager. Public shaming will. We dont know what form the kids bullying took. He may have been engaging in the same kind of public shaming, (name-calling, pointing out deficits, social media bullying, etc), his father exposed him to. What does that do? It only serves to reinforce the notion that shaming is OK.

    • elsalvadorrally

      thought you had to be 18 to be on facebook

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