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Dead Deer Confuses Responsible Gun Owner, So He Shoots At It And Hits Fellow Hunter

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When I think responsible gun owner, I generally think of hunters. Being raised around firearms in rural Oregon, Ive known many people who responsibly own guns, and some that help make ends meet by hunting food for their families.

One thing thats considered extremely important while hunting is correctly identifying targets before shooting them you know, making sure that a deer isnt really a person, or an out-of-season deer (or doe). Making sure that the moving deer youre shooting at is alive and not being pushed on a cart is crucial as well.

Thats what happened in upstate New York Saturday when one hunter, mistaking a dead deer being pushed on a cart for a live deer, and shot the hunter who was pushing the cart. Luckily, the second hunter wasnt killed only wounded in the hand and butt.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

The incident occurred at about 10:25 a.m. One hunter was from Wappingers Falls, the other was from Beacon. No further information was available.

Of course…

Its still more excusable than Dick Cheney shooting Harry Whittington in the face, neck, and chest. When Cheney shot Whittington, he broke two very basic safety rules never point your gun at a person, and look for blue sky beneath a bird before you shoot at it. In fact, the police report noted that if Whittington hadnt been below him on a slope, the shot would have hit him in the legs.

Even more telling is that the White House at the time blamed Whittington, saying he failed to follow hunting protocol by not announcing his presence. Thats not how it works you have a responsibility not to point your gun at someone. Its not their job to stay out of your way. Oh, and Cheney never apologized, publicly or privately.

The moral of the story is, be sure of a target before shooting it. And if you cant tell the difference between a live deer and one being pushed on a cart, maybe stay out of the woods entirely.

H/T: ABC News | Image by Bob McNally For the Times-Union

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  • Joe_Buddha

    Theres another tenet that separates ammosexuals from responsible gun owners: The bullet doesnt stop if you miss. Make sure you either wont miss or if you do, it wont matter. If you cant be sure of either, you dont take the shot. I dont own guns, but I grew up with them. Most of these idiots wouldve been left at home by any actual hunter Ive known.

    • Justin Acuff

      I should have included that! Thanks for posting it in the comments :)

  • Chris W.

    The same thing happened to a buddy of mine, who now refuses to hunt public land (not that I blame him).

    I dont understand how this even happens. All Hunters Safety classes and an ounce of COMMON SENSE dictates you dont just shoot at something moving in the bushes to see what falls out.

    • Dot

      You have a bunch of people who didnt pay attention in school, so they dont know anything about science or history, so why would you expect them to pay attention in a hunter safety class. They think they already know everything.

  • Dot

    When I lived in the country, we used to hate the hunters, many who came out of the cities. You hoped that your pets werent shot. They often hunted from the road, and didnt ask permission to come on your property. Owning a gun and being responsible, unfortunately, doesnt always go hand in hand.

    • Justin Acuff

      If you dont need the kill in some way, I dont consider you a hunter. Im lucky in the sense that I dont live in a tourist hunting area; for people that hunt around here, its a way of life. Youre definitely right about owning a gun and being responsible.

  • Martin Schmid

    A few years ago, a hunter in our region (PA) saw what he thought was a deer (I also think it was a dead one, just killed by another hunter), took a shot and killed a man. It turned out the shooter was an attorney with a felony record who was not even supposed to have a gun (he had an arsenal at home). Thank goodness, he is in jail now.

  • preachy

    …only wounded in the hand and butt.
    Left off …resulting in severe brain damage

  • Krinderhagen

    Just really have to mention that shooting a dead animal is really stupid saying the least, Then to add missing the dead animal hitting the hunter is just really way beyond stupid. i have always believed that stupid people should have and many comments before me have strengthened the point. As the term careless and unthoughtful is real close the problem

  • Richard Barnett

    Where was the good guy with a gun to protect that dead hunter? Oh right. Its just the liberal media not reporting how many lives were saved this week by responsible gun owners.

    • oksunny


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