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Deer Tracks, Attacks Wisconsin Hunter Who Shot Her. No Comment Yet From NRA On Arming Deer (VIDEO)

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Apparently, at least one deer in Wisconsin has had enough, and isnt going to take it any more. The Fond du Lac Reporter says that a 72-year-old hunter was attacked by a deer he had shot with an arrow. But, heres the interesting thing: the deer didnt retaliate immediately after being shot. She apparently waited to take her revenge.

According to the Fond du Lac Reporter, the man was out hunting with some family members on a trail near the town of Taycheedah, when he shot and wounded a doe with a crossbow. It seems the deer was still mobile enough to get away after being shot, and the hunter was unable to find her.

Fond du Lac Sheriffs officer Jeff Bonack says that the hunter went back later to try and track the deer, when he received what was, no doubt, the surprise of his life. Bonack describes what happened.

Apparently the man was going through some thick brush and the deer leaped out and went after him. The doe struck him in the leg with her head.

The man was taken to St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac on Friday evening. There is no word on his condition. Bonack says, Im guessing the deer got away.

WSAW reports on the incident:

NRA silent on incident.

So far, the NRA has not weighed in on this incident. Given their history, it is unclear what the gun rights group might have to say. It is possible that they might say that the deer community needs to learn that the only way to stop a hunter with a crossbow is a good deer with a gun. It is also possible that they will say the hunter should have waited for shotgun season, because guns dont kill deer, people with guns do, or something like that. But, it is more likely that they will defend the hunter, saying that the deer is an example of yet another animal that has chosen the thug life.

H/T: Rawstory|Image via Toyota-4runner.org

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  • Sookey

    Good, lets arm deer. With semi-automatics and the biggest available clips.

  • lisa

    I couldnt help but laugh. Im not against hunting, and Im sorry the man was hurt, but brava to that doe. Sometimes Nature takes matters into her own hands.

    • Brenda Smith

      I am not sorry he was hurt as she was just defending herself. She had every right to protect herself. Sometimes the innocent and defenseless fight back. Hope she is ok. That perhaps some kind person helped her remove the arrow.


    crossbow is not a rifle….or a firearm for that matter. they probably wont have much to say, nor should they!

  • Tony Thompson

    Inquiring minds want to know: do deer have the right to bear arms?

  • dodah

    Top picture with man tied to roof of truck is of Moose ,not Deer , otherwise humorous story . Deer and others in their family are very dangerous animals ,just ask Zoo Keepers.

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