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Delusional Ted Cruz Claims Trumps Campaign Has Been Immensely Beneficial To His Own

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Theres overly optimistic and then theres outright delusional. Im sure itll surprise nobody to learn that Ted Cruz falls into the latter category, and he hammered home just how delusional he is on Sunday when he claimed in an interview that Donald Trumps campaign has actually benefited his own.

The Washington cartel

Cruz lives in an alternative reality. This isnt a secret though. We know that of all the Republicans of all the members of the Kamikaze Caucus Cruz is the most pronounced and has been the ring leader from almost the beginning.

Cruz was a perpetual thorn in the side of John Boehner, who went so far as to call Cruz a false prophet during an interview after he announced his retirement.

Cruzs ongoing Quixotic quest to steal healthcare away from millions of Americans hasnt made him many friends, even on his own side not that Cruz apparently cares. Yet, he remains egocentric enough to pretend he has a chance. I mean, what else can you say about a man who even has his own coloring book?

This man is the political equivalent of a scud missile; he built his name on his willingness to burn bridge after bridge in the most petulant manner possible something he has in common with the Teflon Don. In fact, there are many parallels, but they differ in one key respect: Trump is popular, and Cruz is not.

But if his appearance on Meet the Press today is any indication, he doesnt appear to realize that:

I think Donalds campaign has been immensely beneficial for our campaign. And, and the reason is hes framed the central issue of this Republican primary as who will stand up to Washington? Well, the natural follow up if thats the question is who actually has stood up to Washington? Who has stood up to both Democrats and to leaders in their own party?

The Teflon Don is polling at 27 percent. Cruz? Well, hes 7 percent, but hey, thats only a 20 point difference. At least hes head of Madam (Ex-) President of (the late) Hewitt-Packard, whos in last place with 6 percent.

Baby steps, Cruz, baby steps.

Cruz continued to hammer home how familiar he was with life in Washington, telling host Chuck Todd that his record is what separates him from everyone else in the Clown Car Primary:

And from everyone else on that stage, I think my record is markedly different in terms of actually standing up and taking on the Washington cartel.

The whole point of a cartel is to increase profits and fix prices in a market by reducing competition. That cartel doesnt make any sense at all in that sentence confirms, once again, the Teabaggers dont speak English they string together scare words absent any pretense of semantics.

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