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Doh! Iowa Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself And Fellow Officer

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at 2016.01.17
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You cant kill two birds with one stone, but…

An Iowa police officer found that he can wound two officers with one bullet.

A police log shows that two ambulances were sent to the Iowa City police department on Highway 6 on November 10. Two police officers were transported to the hospital Monday after one of the officers firearms discharged accidentally.

The Iowa City recorder states:

Over the course of this generally routine maintenance, an Iowa City Police Officer accidentally discharged a service weapon which in turn caused non-life threatening injuries to the officer and another officer who was standing nearby.

The two were sent to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics medical facility and were treated and released. Both expected to make a full recovery.

There is an ongoing investigation into the incident and neither officers names have been released as of yet.

Guns are no joking matter; the slightest mistake and BAM! This DEA officer was ironically talking to students about gun safety when the Glock .40 he was showing discharged, shooting him in the foot.

Before the incident the unidentified agent said:

I am the only one professional enough, that I know of, in this room to carry [this weapon].

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