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Facebooks 5 Youngest Billionaires

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at 2015.12.08
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Facebook is the all consuming juggernaut of the modern age that gorges on 10% of the entire internets traffic. The only website bigger than Facebook is Google, which can probably attribute much of its traffic to people googling Facebook. While some argue the social media website has had its day, with 1.28 billion active members, this entrenched website isnt likely to be going anywhere. But Facebook did more than to revolutionize the way billions of people communicate and socialize, it spawned some of the youngest billionaires in history. Dotcom millionaires are no rarity in this day and age, with many individuals under the age of 39 proving their technological abilities can turn a very, very, big profit, however, no website did this better than Facebook. So who are these young billionaires, and how did Facebook help them become some of the youngest of the elite group?

1. Sean Parker

Currently, at age 34, Parker owns a total wealth of $3.2 billion. An impressive number considering he appeared months after the sites inception. Having already built-up a reputation after creating the website Napster and advising on another social media site, Friendster, Parker convinced Zuckerberg that he could help run Facebook, commenting that he saw its potential.

After a few months Parker took on the role of founding president of Facebook. His biggest contributions to the company was finding its first big investor, Peter Thiel, and convincing Zuckerberg to change the name of the site to Facebook, rather than its original name, TheFacebook. Parkers rein as president was less than smooth and one night in 2005 he was found at a party in his home with cocaine. He was not charged but pressured into resigning the role.


He continued to be part of the company, advising Zuckerberg until he moved onto another business venture, Spotify.

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