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Facebooks 5 Youngest Billionaires

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at 2015.12.08
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2. Dustin Moskovitz

At age 30 Moskovitz was, up-until 2014, the youngest billionaire in the world with a total net worth of, a staggering, $6.8 billion. Moskovitz gained his wealth through pure serendipity, as he happened to be the room-mate of Mark Zuckerberg during his short stint at Harvard.

He became the 3rd employee of Facebook and dropped out of University to work with Zuckerberg in California, a wise decision Im sure youll agree. For a while, he took up the role of chief technology officer before taking a flashier title, vice president of engineering. An economics major, something that must have come in handy, Moskovitz was in charge of overseeing the architecture of the sight, he basically had to make sure Facebook looked good and worked properly.


In 2008, after four years amassing his fortune and helping to build the biggest social media site in the world, Moskovitz announced, with a heavy-heart, that he would be leaving Facebook to follow his own business venture, a company known as Asana.

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