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False Rape Accusation Leads To Brutal Murder Of Alaskan Man

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at 2016.01.02
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An Alaskan man is dead after being falsely accused of rape. KTUU reports that Wesley Lord was beaten to death by his cousin, Abraham Stein, and Steins girlfriend, Dominique Vasquez after Vasquez falsely accused him of rape.

During an interview with Alaskan State Troopers, Vasquez initially stated that Lord had raped her, but later rescinded that statement and admitted that the sex was consensual. According to one witness who was in the room while Vasquez and Lord were having sex, the act was completely consensual, and it happened after a night of boozing and smoking methamphetamine.

A second witness stated that after getting out of the shower, he found Vasquez brandishing a knife and threatening to kill him unless he corroborated her rape allegations.

According to investigators, Stine had spent the day with the group, but was ditched. He left for a brief time, and returned to see Lord and Vasquez having sex through the window. The second witness then opened the window and told Stine that Lord had just raped Vasquez.

Investigators wrote:

Stine crawled in through the window and charged Lord and a physical altercation ensued. Stine admitted to holding Lord down and punching him several times.

Once Lord was knocked completely unconscious, Stine and Vasquez did not stop the mayhem. Alaska State Troopers investigator Joseph Harris went on to say:

After Lord wasnt fighting back, Stine continued to punch him in the face for 5-10 minutes. The second witness also said after Stine attacked Lord, Vasquez went over to Lord and was covering his mouth with her hand and it appeared she was choking him.

Later Vasquez admitted she lied about being raped by Lord and she had consensual sex with him. Vasquez knew Stine had a history of assaulting people from her personal experience. She noted Stine had previously held her down with his knee on her chest making it difficult for her to breathe.

Once Stine and Vasquez finally thought that vengeance had been served, Stine called troopers to report that his cousin had just raped Vasquez. When troopers arrived, they found Lord nude and lying face-down on the floor. Harris wrote:

They began to restrain the subject by putting him in handcuffs, at which point they noted his hands felt stiff and he was not breathing. They found no pulse and summoned (emergency medical services), who confirmed the subject was deceased.

Stine and Vasquez were then arrested and each charged with second-degree murder. They were held at the Fairbanks Correctional Center while awaiting arraignment.

H/T KTUU | Image: Yumi Kimura

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