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Fedex Driver Caught On Tape Stealing Puppies From Home (VIDEO)

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A FedEx delivery driver was captured on camera taking two 6-month-old French bulldog puppies, Bruno and Sheila, from a Houston family earlier this week. The entire family was home at the time of the incident. When they were not able to find their puppies, they shockingly discovered what had happened when they reviewed their home surveillance tapes.

The video shows the driver lure the dogs into his work truck. When Sheila escaped, she ran to her front door, but the driver chased after her and brought her back to the truck. It was at this point that the Fedex driver drove away and might have gotten away with it. Its amazing that there were no witnesses. Thankfully this family had cameras installed.

The owner told ABC13:

We are supposed to trust these people to deliver packages and they are stealing our dogs?

The bulldogs were supposed to be in the backyard but somehow got out into the front. There were some reports that this Fedex driver was merely trying to help the dogs, but these reports are outlandish.

Armando Correa quickly dismisses this rumor:

He knew somebody was home. All the trucks were out there, the door was cracked. He knew we were home.

In addition to this, the dogs were found abandoned more than 20 miles from their home in the middle of a street, on a cold Wednesday night, so a passerby brought them to Kirkwood Veterinary Hospital. It was only after one of the staff at the hospital saw this story on the news that they contacted the Correas in order to reunite them with their rightful family.

Dr. John Gregory at the hospital said:

I think there would have been emotional trauma had the (dogs) been separated because its apparent they need each other. Whomever it is that took them, its a good thing they were still together after being let loose. I think thats what helped these two.

It is said that the pups are valued at more than $2,500 each. FedEx claims they are investigating the matter fully.

Watch it here:

H/T: ABC | Featured Image: 6ABC

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