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Fox News Airs Beheadings, Covers Up Boobies in Classic Picasso Painting (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.22
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So you know how right-wing loons are always screaming about Sharia Law showing up in Americas heartland? Well, it seems they may want to look in their own backyard.

Fox News and its affiliates managed to piss off art dealers (not an easy feat) after Fox 5 censored the breasts and genitals of a Pablo Picasso masterpiece. Indeed, if theres anything that threatens the well-being and safety of Americans, its boobs in neoclassical art. Its actually quite ironic that Fox would censor the depiction of breasts when you consider all the boobs that appear on their network everyday

It seems Picassos The Women of Algiers (Version O) holds the distinction of being the most expensive painting sold at auction, after fetching an impressive $179 million (114 million) at Christies in New York. But the real shocker is how Fox 5 saw it fit to censor the depiction of female breasts, which did not sit well with the art community.

Jerry Saltz, a senior critic at the New York magazine, did what most infuriated people do and took to Twitter to express his outrage with Foxs decision to conceal parts of the masterpiece.

How sexually sick are conservatives and Fox News? he said. (IndependentUK)

Of course this is the same news network that found it perfectly okay to air beheadings . I always thought Fox hated uteruses, not boobs. Oh well.

Watch the video below:

Featured image: via screen capture from YouTube

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