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French Woman Claims Her Husband Sold Her to 2,700 Men in 4 Years

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at 2016.01.26
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A 46-year-old French woman is accusing her 54-year-old husband of forcing her into prostitution for the past four years. By her own account, the woman claimed that she ended up being sold to more than 2,700 men as part of her husbands sordid business plan.

The woman related that the horrifying arrangement started in 2011 and that her husband has made 160,000 (roughly $176,800) from forcing to be intimate with various strangers.


In an interview with Le Parisien, the woman explained that all seemed well when she and her husband had started dating. In their fourth year as a couple, she got pregnant. After a while, since they couldnt make ends meet, her husband suggested that she take on customers. Out of desperation, she agreed.

The woman said her husband advertised her as a prostitute on four different websites and he was the one who made arrangement with customers by text message and emails. The encounters would be set up at the couples home.


According to the woman, there were usually around three customers who would go to their house each day. When they were there, her husband would simply take their son and then hang out with him inside a car parked in front of their house.

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In a report in the Independent, Emmanuel Dupic, the deputy prosecutor noted that the man exerted psychological power over his wife and prevented her from refusing to submit herself to the sexual demands of customers, who were sometimes extremely harsh.

Indeed, when the woman said that she wanted to stop being a prostitute, her husband turned hostile. He took away her house keys and phone. He threatened to hunt her down if she didnt do as she was told.

The womans husband has asked for time to prepare his defense. He was remanded in custody until the next hearing, which is set for December 1.

As the woman told Le Parisien: I feel liberated but I also know that the hardest part is waiting for me. I face eviction for unpaid rent and I have lots of other debts.

Reports didnt say what would happen to the couples son, who is now five years old.

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