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Group Of Insane Gun Rights Groups Are Going To Hold A Fake Mass Shooting At A College

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at 2016.01.17
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Gun rights groups are converging on the University of Texas campus to hold a mock mass shooting. Yes you read that correctly. It is a fake mass shooting event. Any sane person would be wondering what in the world this would accomplish. Matthew Short, Spokesman for the gun rights groups Come and Take It Texas and DontComply.com. gave the answer. We love freedom and were trying to make more freedom. Yes, that is a direct quote.

We Americans have suffered more mass shootings in our nation than days have passed in the year. This is not enough for gun-nuts. They are now simulating mass shootings to terrorize the country even more.

Being called a crisis performance event, the fake mass shooting will include an entire array of simulated effects, including guns, gunfire, blood, victims, and good guys with guns.

The demonstration will be preceded by a walk through Austin with loaded weapons. When asked if these events were in bad taste, Short said Not at all. People were able to be murdered because no one was armed.

We Americans just experienced two tragic mass shootings, one of which was in a community center that helped disabled and autistic individuals. To think that the only response to this kind of violent tragedy by gun rights groups is to keep making people relive it is absolutely appalling.

Weapons are currently banned from UTs campus, otherwise several people would probably have ended up getting shot and killed during the event. However, as of Aug 1 the new campus carry law goes into effect which will allow concealed weapons in almost all areas in the campuses of public and private colleges.

No matter how much gun violence and tragedy we experience, right-wing gun nuts simply cant resist making it even worse. They are trying to use this tactic to terrorize people into such paranoia, that they cant leave their home without being armed and ready to shoot. I would rather have laws to protect us from these good guys with guns.

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