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Hateful Theocrat Scott Lively Pretends Hes Paul RevereThe Marxists Are Coming!

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at 2016.01.05
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Scott Lively, the monster who created the situation in Uganda, now has a new boogieman and he fancies himself Paul Revere, riding to warn Americans about the dangers of oncoming Marxists and how the Marxists are going to provoke the right-wing to violence.

Because apparently Lively is delusional enough to believe the right-wing needs help.

The Marxists are coming! The Marxists are coming!

Marxist has a very specific meaning, unless youre a member of the American right-wing, in which case it means, anything to the left of Attila the Hun. And using this definition, the venal, reprobate lusus naturae behind the situation in Uganda, Scott Lively, has declared he uncovered a Marxist plot to provoke the right-wing into being violent.

Lively starts his column at WorldNetDaily just as we would expect whining about gay marriage, and pretending that his side isnt losing citing the United States v. Windsor case as proof that Justice Ginsburg gave a thinly veiled heads-up to left-wingers that the SCOTUS wasnt going to legalize gay marriage.

He goes on to claim that Obergefell awakened the sleeping giant of the Christian church and gave an actual justification for religious righters to be assholes (because they needed one), and cant accept the fact his side lost.

Of course, it veers rapidly from there; he goes from complaining about gay marriage to warning America about an evil Marxist plot and its rather unfortunate, since Lively clearly has no idea what a Marxist even is, although he has no problem confusing them for Jews per The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

There is no question in my mind that the globalists are making their move while their man is still in the White House, and were certain to see an increase, not a decrease, in the extent to which the Marxists overplay their hand. They really have no choice since they know that if they do not defeat the republic and establish their empire now, they will likely never again enjoy the current perfect storm of culture-wide institutional control, political will and muscle in the executive and judicial branches (and acquiescence in the legislative) and near-dictatorial (but crumbling) global power.

So, rather than play their former game of two steps forward, one step back (the Marxist dialectic) they are now ALL-IN. And knowing that this blatant play for power will inevitably further strengthen and energize their opposition, they have planned and are now implementing a judo move against us. The strategy is to rapidly polarize the society to the point of violence by conservatives, which will serve as a pretext for defensive police-state measures to suppress what they have already begun to spin as the rise of neo-Nazism. Thats the motivation behind the Black Lives Matter campaign and the outrageous, anger-inducing policies involving illegal aliens and multi-trillion dollar debt financing of ever more bloated entitlement programs and government expansion. The elites are deliberately provoking civil unrest through the suspension of civil liberties and what is left of the rule of law under the Constitution.

Heres something to think about: In the early part of the 20th century, Jews were inexorably connected to socialism, communism, and Marxism through a conspiracy theory called Jewish Bolshevism. Understandably, the Holocaust made open Antisemitism rather undesirable socially, so Antisemites disguised their rhetoric, and using this connection between Judaism and communism, turned almost any attack against communism into a thinly veiled attack on Jewishness and Judaism.

This is the legacy of the John Birch Republicans, who run the party today, and Lively is a prime example of it. Rather than saying the Jews because like most typical right-wing Christians, he doesnt have the intellectual integrity to be honest about his Antisemitism he hides it, and screams the Marxists instead, relying on his followers belligerent ignorance and incuriosity not to question him.

Or maybe thats just what the Cultural MarxistsTM want you to think.

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    • Otto Greif

      Birchers are running the GOP? Hilarious.

    • Martyn Belmont

      The John Birch Society Headquarters in the 1950s was in San Marino, California next to the City of Pasadena where I live. Many of my parents friends were members, and they were:
      1.Terrified of any change, anyone of color or Jewish, or Catholic.
      2.Very anti-semitic which was hidden in all this Bolshevik rhetoric
      3. Rich, white, entitled and
      4. not very well educated in the sense they didnt know anyone outside of their social circle.
      They HATED the Northeastern, privileged liberal families like the Rockefellars, who they felt looked down on them.

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