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He Lost 3 Decades In Prison – His First Taste Of Freedom Will Bring You To Tears

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at 2016.10.25
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One of the scariest things imaginable is being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime you didn”t commit especially one that puts you there for life. This is unfortunately what happened to Michael Hanline. After 36 years in prison, he was finally released after DNA evidence proved his innocence.

But when the day came for him to leave, you”ll be shocked by where he wanted to take his newfound freedom first.

(via California Innocence Project)

Can you imagine sitting in jail for almost four decades for something you didn”t even do? It”s enough to make you shudder. Thank goodness this man was finally set free, even if it was a little late. If you”d like to find out more about the California 12, head over to the California Innocence Project .

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