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Hilarious Girl Reveals The Real Meaning Behind Snapchat Pictures

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at 2016.04.30
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Snapchat is one of the most popular apps used around the world. It’s funny, informative and a very innovative form of social media.

Whilst companies have utilised it to gain a following and celebrities use it to give us an insight into our lives – we use it to take ugly selfies for our friends and food pics to make everyone on our friends list jealous.

There have been many hilarious trends on Snapchat, most of them formed by girls – you will have all received at least one ‘bath pic’ in your lives! But we’ve found someone who is revealing the secrets behind this Snapchat facades in a very funny way.

Irish model, Holly Carpenter, has taken generic Snapchat photos side by side to show you the real reason behind the picture. Take a look at these hilarious snaps that show the reality of girls on the app…;

1. Using Your Pets For Selfies


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