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Hottest Transgenders Of All Time

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at 2015.12.21
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Our mothers have always told us that looks dont matter and that it is the beauty on the inside that counts. But for some people, who are born feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, this is of no reassurance.

Thankfully, todays ever accepting society is eroding away the taboo surrounding transenders, encouraging more people to reveal their true beauty. And beautiful they certainly are!

Now, not only do women have to envy the stunning faces of the likes of Beyonce and Cara Delevingne, but also the transgender totties that are making their way into the public eye. Just take the recent appearance of Caitlyn Jenners flawless face- a lot of women would kill to look like her.

Here we have a collection of the the hottest transgenders EVER. Beware these stunning sex bombs will take your breath away.

Ines Rau (France)

rea - Copy

The Paris-born model underwent gender reassignment surgery at the young age of 16. She became a model after a scout in Paris discovered her and is now based in New York.


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