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How To Win A Darwin: Trophy Hunter FAIL Results In Painful Karma (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.08
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Tim Wells, American Trophy Hunter and the host of Relentless Pursuit, has gotten a painful visit from Karma. Hunting is dangerous, and not just for the hunted, as Tim found out while spear hunting near the Crocodile river in Africa. Unlike the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, Tim chose to hunt with a spear, and isnt so much into all that basic safety protocol stuff. Tim is normally a bow hunter who travels to exotic locals to bring death to a variety of varmints. Only this time, the African plains dealt a rather cruel, yet gratifying, dose of Karmic justice to this trophy hunter.

Alone in this arid area, with his water and radio 15 feet above his head in the tree, and no help coming, Tim picked up his camera and recorded this rather disturbing comedy of errors as a way to avoid dying from shock. While Tim struggles not to win a 2015 Darwin Award, all he can think to do is record the incident that nearly took his life. What amazingly terrifying hell it must have been to sit there knowing that his prey was now the predator. The video never clearly states what he was hunting for, but his blood-loss addled and disturbing thoughts are recorded for posterity, and should hopefully remind other hunters to not be so f*cking stupid.

This video is not for the squeamish, if you have a problem with blood, DO NOT WATCH IT:

Luckily for his wife, whatever manhood he has was spared, but not his pride that was decimated. Once it became known that he had survived, his whitey tighties and spear wound drew mockery from his own, as seen in these images of commentary on his web page:

The comments are mostly supportive and mildly humorous:

Screen Capture from Tim Wells website.

Screen capture from Tim Wells website.


Seeing these comments reminded me of something… Oh, here it is!

Feature image via video screen capture

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