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Incredible: Best Buy Customers Have Started Waiting In Line THREE WEEKS Before Thanksgiving Sale

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at 2016.01.27
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In what may be the most asinine homage to capitalism in the history of ever, two women in Beaumont, California have started a line to wait for Best Buys Thanksgiving Day sale, which starts at five p.m. on the 27th. The line was started three weeks early.

Why are they camped out that early? According to the Banning-Beaumont Patch,

We could have started later, but then we wouldnt be sure to get first in line, [Vicky] Torres told Patch on Friday, as she and [Juanita] Salas sat under the hot sun in front of the electronics store. They only get a few items at the cheaper prices and its first come, first served.

This is far from their first experience, as well. Theyve reportedly camped out the last few years. This year, theyre looking for a good deal on a TV, which begs the question is $50 worth three weeks of your life? They take turns going home for food and showers, but other than that, they just wait. During the same amount of time, you could probably earn enough money to buy a TV without any kind of discount, and you wouldnt contribute to a consumption culture that injures people every year (and sometimes kills them). And if retail stores didnt do so well with Thanksgiving Day sales, they wouldnt have them and their employees could stay home on the holiday. While many volunteer, many is not all.

With consumer confidence rising and sales starting earlier than ever this year, though, its unlikely that there will be any mass boycott of sales. The fact is that consumption drives our economy, and like it or not, big sales are going to help even more. Youd think they could at least wait until Black Friday, though every year, Christmas and consumerism seem to take more and more away from Thanksgiving.

And its not just Best Buy opening early this year, according to the Star Tribune:

Target announced Monday that its stores will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Thats two hours earlier than last year. Others opening at 6 include Macys, Kohls, Staples, Wal-Mart and Sears as well as many local shopping malls.

J.C. Penney and Toys R Us are getting a jump start at 5 p.m. Radio Shack is opening many of its stores at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. Kmart, which has opened on Thanksgiving morning for years, will open at 6 a.m. this year.

Keeping that in mind, its not surprising that some have derisively started referring to it as Black Thursday, and a Facebook page with 79k likes as of this writing is asking Americans to boycott business that are opening on Thanksgiving. Heres an example of one of their posts:

Screenshot of Facebook post

Screenshot of Facebook post

What do you think? Should people shop on Thanksgiving, or stay home?

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