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Its A Good Thing For Humanity That These Inventions Were Never Made Popular.

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at 2016.12.07
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Inventors have given us some important things throughout the years. Thanks to brilliant minds, we have cars, airplanes, computers and more. The list goes on. You might not realize it, but those brilliant minds also created some duds.

There is an incredibly long list of inventions that never quite made it. (If only someone could invent something that made us less awful at trying to invent things.) Someone, at some point, actually thought these inventions were good ideas. D”oh.

1. Jack For Boot Removal

Jack For Boot Removal

2. Vacuum Beauty Helmet

Vacuum Beauty Helmet

3. Corset With Expandable Busts

Corset With Expandable Busts

4. Ventilating Hat

Ventilating Hat

5. Hair In A Can

Hair In A Can

6. Double Spectacles

Double Spectacles

7. Smell-O-Vision


8. Portable Bath

Portable Bath

9. Phone Answering Robot

Phone Answering Robot

10. Breast Reliever

Breast Reliever

11. Cigarette Umbrella

Cigarette Umbrella

12. Fork And Knife Combo

Fork And Knife Combo

13. Handerpants


(via Mirror, The Richest)

Really? Those are some truly terrible ideas. Whoever invented those should be ashamed, though not as ashamed as the few people who actually purchased their products.

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